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Should you translate your website? That is a question many company’s owners ask themselves. For major reason. The internet is bringing everyone closer. In a growing international business environment, website translation in Chinese language can be a great business strategy.

The sites that provide their content in Chinese language are the ones that audiences tend to visit the most. One major reason behind such a trend looks like an efficient communication and connection in the audience’s language. If site is made available only in one language, the audience understanding that language may get advantage from it; however, to get wider outreach, sites should be translate in more than one language. To assist the organizations and companies bring their sites in different languages, the website translations offer the much required job. When it’s the matter of knowing whether your company needs the website translation, you should have knowledge regarding few facts.

For example, if the region and the belt you are providing your services or products does not know the language the website is in, it should be translated in their native language. Here, in this article we will know about the reasons to have accurate website translation in Chinese language.

Top Industries that Need Website into Chinese Language

1. Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is, obviously, a great area to provide translated websites. Mainly if you lead any popular destination, it is essential that travelers can get information regarding your business online that they understand. That is mainly true for:

✔ tour and event organizers
✔ transportation providers (buses, trains, planes)
✔ hotels, hostels and other accommodation
✔ landmarks, sightseeing, culture

As you might know, English is not always sufficient and having access to their own tongue is very essential to consumers. Having a translated website makes it more probably for someone to book a tour with you, stay at your place or enjoy the benefits of your offerings. Hence, proper Chinese translation is vital.

This is also valid for other companies that cater to tourists like government agencies as well as hospitals.

2. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has a diverse workforce, with around 23.8 million immigrant workers, making linguistics an essential aspect of hiring as well as communicating with employees. More essentially, you are responsible for keeping them really safe on the job by ensuring that they know how to properly run machines utilizing regulated and properly translated safety precautions.

Additionally, whether your company makes toys, chemicals, food, textiles, parts, or machines, you also hold the power for developing conveniently understandable:

✔ proper instruction manuals
✔ warning labels
✔ HR procedures

Failure to appropriately communicate can lead to smaller injury, market, and lawsuits. This is the main reason you need to get effective website translation for business. Successful companies encourages multiculturalism and put in place language programs for their workforce, product distribution, and upper management as well.

3. Entertainment and Gaming

The gaming industry and the entertainment industry are evolving. The entertainment industry generates a massive amount of audio and visual content that showcases a new challenge to translators. Most of it must be dubbed or subtitled to reach a great international audience. For TV shows, subtitling and releasing new episodes every week is mainly very demanding. Currently, internet website or volunteers mostly will offer pirated content with subtitles of different quality for viewers in various languages.

Gaming especially is a new entrant to the international market like Chinese, but with the talented firms producing high-quality work from all around the world, the demand to offer native translation of gaming interfaces is much higher than ever. Unluckily, gaming companies generally have a complicated time finding translators who are familiar enough with their subject material that they can generate more games that look and feel like original one. To understand it entirely, you first need to understand why is website translation important.

Timely and professional translation for these industries would assist them distribute their content to a wider audience while increasing visibility, preserving copyright and boosting revenue.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing organizations know that their solutions offers a reach that grows across the world. They are the top most company that require translation solutions because of this.

Working with a professional translation company makes sure that your message appropriately comes through in each language, solving your problem with language barrier. Imaging your websites, apps, and software having the power to reach every genuine customer.

Plus, a language service provider can also help your employees that require website translation. Chinese not only leads as the widely spoken language across the world but because of the technology-driven culture in modern China, you may observe that some of your top employee come from there.

Once the site is translate in Chinese language, the companies reach to a global audience and gather customer’s trust which is needed for successful business. Nonetheless, apart from enhancing business plans, the multilingual site tends to have huge conversion rates. Hence, considering to professionally translate your business website is not just the perfect way to reach international markets and boost global sales but also increase trust among the other language speakers.


With website translation, the products and services can be sold in your audience’s native language for maximum engagement and reach. At Tridindia, our specialized teams will offer you with top-notch language solutions that will assist you communicate efficiently with your international audience.

Find out how our industry-specific solutions can assist you by calling us at+91-8527599523 or get a free translation quote today.


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