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Logically, international marketing is a misnomer that is used to describe cross-border marketing. With huge purchases from books to airline tickets, the global market is escalating every year and studies can’t seem to keep a pace with the growth.

The international market is extremely competitive as well as enormously varied. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that your financial, marketing and logistics plan are in place.

But, the question arises, as to ‘what is the need to invest in international market? And ‘how actually initiate the sales of a product or service in the international market?’ The answer to all your queries is just a scroll away.

Scroll-down and have a look:-

Necessity to Enter Into Global Market

A global market is borne with huge margins of profits and revenues as compared to the domestic market. Focusing on global market can help you to make your patent a brand worldwide for growth. In today’s digitalized business world, the pinnacle categories for online purchases are:

Books (20%)

Travel Industry (16%)

Computer Related Products (40%)

Clothing (10%)

Talking about the revenues; the following points are a pure testimony to the golden sparkling side of investing into the international market:-

The Global e-commerce revenues grew by 19% in 2012

Almost $963 billion was spent globally in 2014

High-income families shop international brands quite often

Global market grew at 12.4% from the year 2010 to 2013. The market is still blooming

The Sublime Tips

Listed below, are some valuable and actual ways of how to improve your customer experience and tips to sell your product/service internationally. Grab the most out of it:-

1. Master Plan

Develop a master plan that conveys- Which country or countries should you target? Why and which niches? Keep editing your plan as you go further, and ensure a blueprint of all your activities to keep you on the right track.

2. Research

The more you know about your target segment, the more are your chances to reap the maximum benefits. Facilitate a comprehensive research that determines the lifestyle, favorites, slang, cultural elements and famous celebrities of the target segment.

A deeper research is directly proportional to the successful development of a customer-centric website.

3. Don’t Let the Fray to Happen

While you hire professionals to ensure correct market research values for business growth, you can even involve your own efforts into the research, i.e. visit the target market, experience the life there and learn what’s offensive and what’s not.

The slang expressions can sometimes backfire your plan, as they can be offensive and may result in frays. So, just keep yourself alert.

4. Competition

Check out what’s the level of competition in the target market. Learn what particular product/service is not served there and what are your chances to flourish in the targeted locale.

5. Language Proficiency

In order to enrich your life and business, you need to learn and master the target language. With the genuine absence of foreign language skills, you cannot reach out to a global audience.

6. Scale-Up Your Knowledge

After you have learned the target language, it is the time to utilize that knowledge in designing and developing appropriate niche sites for your target country or population.

7. Global Trends

Keep an ear to the ground and observe the varying trends of the global market. These trends are basically your roadmap towards higher achievements in the international market.

By now, you might have got a glimpse of the need and strategies to enter into the international market. The market seems to be a treasure of sparkling success and material wealth.

So, you would definitely wish to grab the opportunity, but the way to the ‘sparkling success’ is not an easy one. It is a time-consuming task.

“To accomplish your objectives, you might require a reputed firm that is well aware of the complexities of the global market. Besides this, the firm should be proficient in translating your message into a variety of languages, as ‘user friendly translation’ is the biggest pillar to reach to your target global audience.”

Hence, when it comes to list the most renowned global firms, TridIndia is a brand that is certainly at the peak.

“TridIndia is a leading translation company with a number of hi-end clients, including BHEL, TATA, Schneider Electric, Petrofac, NIIT Technologies, HP and many more.

With a specialization in more than 100 global languages, we lead the translation industry in terms of quality and authenticity.

At every stage of progression, our constant efforts are stimulated by a deft team of translators, who are the backbone of our pristine translation services worldwide.”

TridIndia as Your Ally

With immense expertise and knowledge in the translation industry, TridIndia offers you sheer assistance in each spectrum of translations done by knowledgeable native language translators. In order to sell your product/service internationally, we work as your ally and deliver you authentic translation services for the following industries:-

Oil & gas

Travel & tourism




Real estate

Digital marketing



Multicultural marketing
And the list continues….

All Solutions at One Place: TridIndia

Besides, a translation firm, we are a prominent

Market Research Consultant Agency

We combine our expertise and manpower to provide you genuine market research information that acts as a tool for your business expansion in the target locale.

Hence, you just need to contact us for stepping into the world of ‘revenues’. Just sit back and leave the rest to us. Our team

(market researchers + native translators)

will render you the most genuine services for both market research as well as top notch marketing translation.

Thus, you are at the right place with us. We will conduct a comprehensive research for your upcoming project and the translators will translate that into a number of languages as per your specifications.

To know more about our services call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]

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