Dubbing Problems And Solutions: How to Make Your Dubbing Impactful?

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When you want to make the content available in a new language, the choice of approach depends a lot. In dubbing, there is a great need to focus on cultural, ideological, and linguistic preferences. Dubbing is an audio recording of the translated video and it needs to have exact synchronization.

In some cases, due to a poor approach, there is a lack of synchronization in audio to the visuals on the screen.

This sometimes happens due to mistakes artists/editors commit unknowingly. This usually happens while providing voice-overs and dubbing doesn’t focus on small things that harm the entire project.

The dubbing industry is leading and almost all small to big projects are focused on multilingual languages.

There is so much competition in providing the right language dubbing and to provide the best results, there is a need to avoid the mistakes that are highly committed during voice-overs and dubbing.

Let’s see how dubbing artists can avoid mistakes and work on providing the best dubbing.

How to Make Your Dubbing Impactful?

To make content available in a new language, there is a great need to get the right dubbing without any mistakes and see how you can make the dubbing more impactful:

1- Look For The Right Voice

To get an appropriate dubbing, there is a great need to choose the right voice.

It is important to look for the artist that keep your voice relaxed and stay hydrated. A clear hydrated voice helps in keeping the entire dubbing process clear and consistent.

To get the accurate audio dubbing for the actual audio, it is necessary to keep the originality alive. Go for the good voice modulation skills if it suits best according to the character’s expressions.

2- Avoid Using Low-Quality Equipment

Sometimes when you get the dubbing at fewer prices, this mostly includes the use of low-cost equipment.

This is the first mistake that fails to provide the best content. The choice of equipment highly matters otherwise this can provide low-quality voice recordings.

It is better not to go with the cheapest option. Choose the professionals that use high-quality equipment to provide the best dubbing and fulfill all your needs.

3- Don’t Rely Only On Editing

The majority of the time beginners rely on editing where they fix reverberations and echoes.

This is needed to provide clear audio but depending on it for repairing audio damages is not good.

It is highly important to ensure good dubbing by professionals that record it in soundproof rooms to prevent background noise.

4- Avoid Mouth Noises

Before getting into this, there is a need to understand what are mouth noises in dubbing?

Mouth noise involves annoying noises such as pops, smacks, and click noises that usually happen during voice recordings. In some cases, they are highly noticeable, and thus working with a professional team doesn’t bring such huge mistakes.

 Try to avoid this and see how dubbing help to correct the problems if created earlier due to unwanted sound. A good professional dubbing works best as the prevention of further editing.

5- Never Set the Audio Volume too Low

In a voice-over project, it is highly important to ensure the volume is not too low.

A low recording in the dubbing creates problems for the people who have to listen to it later on. For this, they have to keep the volume high which sometimes makes it inconvenient.

It is always better to work on normalizing your audio during dubbing to ensure it is loud enough to hear voices comfortably.

6- Poor Demo

It is really important to know how serves dubbing serves and understand why is dubbing important.

After this, you’ll focus on getting the final dubbing only after taking the demo.  So, when you have to record a demo, it is highly important to work on it and create a demo before.

7- Relax Dubbing

Dubbing always needs to be clearer and good practice is needed beforehand.

While reading lines, it should not be like reading but pretending that artist is talking to someone.

So, everything needs to be said clearly so that everything is edited properly.


The most frustrating thing in dubbing is retaking. There is a great need to emphasize avoiding the problems as this reduces the strain.

It is better to get with professionals that provide the best quality dubbing for various purposes.

To get amazing and accurate dubbing, reach out to us at +91-8527599523 or send an instant quote.

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