Dutch Content Translation: Why Should You Translate Content into Dutch Language?

Developing a global site is a great task. For a global site to be successful, it requires to have content that has appeal on a global scale without making any country feel disconnected or alienated. So, do you want to know more about reasons to translate content into the Dutch language?

There are around 1.5 billion people all across the world who communicate in the English language. While that sounds like a massive quantity, and it is, there are still many more that do not speak English. By some estimates, there are around 5 billion people all around the globe who cannot write or read English. Knowing that, is your business truly prepared to communicate, connect, market, and sell to an international audience? If not, then a translation might be essential.

Uncover the advantages of Dutch translation solutions and see how translating your company’s content could bring profits, and help to expand. Top-notch website translation has been an important element of successful global sites for years, but many people just do not understand the significance of accurate Dutch translation. There are various reasons to translate content into the Dutch language.

Reasons to Translate Content into the Dutch Language

1. Target Specific Locations

With a multilingual website, you can reach an international audience. Obviously, the people and locations you are targeting should be all suitable for your site. For instance, if you plan to expand your e-commerce site into the Dutch-speaking regions, you should obviously aim that location. If your content has a broad audience in Dutch-speaking regions or countries, you should look at increasing your reach in that specific location- which would give an advantage and the audience there.

You should utilize Google Analytics to uncover massive traffic regions. Geo-targeting permits you to aim at specific geographical locations. To target powerfully, proficient content translation solutions is important.

2. Improve your SEO/SEM

It is not a secret anymore that SEO, as well as marketing, is a great deal for your site, mainly when it’s the matter of content to reach your target markets and audience as well.

Multilingual SEO/SEM plans can be considered by translating content into various languages. The more high ranking, the better, multiplying the odds of increasing ranking as well as better search results, which in turn boosts more exposure for your business.

3. Increases Customer Acquisition

Dutch content translation is essential to enter a new market and gathering new multilingual as well s international customers. Research done by professionals found that about 51% of companies got benefited from a boost in lead generation, and 71% observe an increase in sales all because of their content translation efforts. The great impact of Dutch translation is massive.

While the same survey presented that around 3 quarters of survey respondents mostly or entirely agreed with the statement, “Dutch content translation is a revenue driver,” all marketers should agree to the fact that content translation boosts revenue.

4. Extend The Reach Of Your Content

Once upon a time, English controlled the internet. In the mid-90s, around 80% of online content was only available in the English language. Those days have passed many time ago. As more of the world expands online, other languages are acquiring ground. In fact, as per professionals, only around 53% of online content is in the English language nowadays. However, only about 25% of internet users speak the English language. That means there is a massive demand for content in other famous languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

The advantages are clear: multilingual content can reach many people in comparison to English-only content. The only question is whether you will take benefit from the chance to do so.

The effective translation for businesses will help you to make your business growth massive.

5. Global Connection

Your site can be available to each and every country around the world, but there will be little point if most of the population of those countries cannot read your content. This is mainly true of e-commerce sites. Some people will want to purchase items or services from a site that is not written in the Dutch language. This is mostly because they do not want to purchase something that may not be exactly what they require or can be a scam. Plus, they may not be able to purchase the product or service anyway if they cannot go through the checkout screen appropriately.

Dutch content translation will hook in more visitors from various countries, keep them browsing longer, and may produce them to purchase goods or services from your site.

6. More Visitors And Engagement

When your site gets more audiences as well as engagement, your site gets a better ranking. It may look like an obvious point, but it is important for an SEO plan- you have to keep that in mind. Search engines value user engagement and quality- the more people click on your site, the higher it will rank ultimately. This results in more visibility, and ultimately, more attention or sales. Put simply, if you offer Google the quality content that increases traffic, Google will rank your website higher as an outcome. It is all critical aspects and ties to each other.

Plus, if you offer your content in multiple languages, you will boost traffic from certain locations globally- this will be highlighted by Google, too. For these reasons, you have to make sure that your site is providing valuable information and content to its audiences. If it is in their language, this is more probably to happen.

7. Increase Your Website Traffic

Executing multilingual translation and SEO for your site content not only developed more chances for people landing on your page to interact with the content but also establish traction for indexed pages.

There are many top agencies benefit from translation, therefore, you should not wait much and hire a professional now.

Wrapping it up:

For SEO blogging and digital marketing, Dutch content translation looks like the perfect way to get fabulous results. You can reach a relatively undiscovered, diverse group of people- and increase your audience reach. In spite of translating social media content yourself, which could lead to serious damage, it would be really clever to hire an experienced translator for the job. Top-notch translation solutions may be the key to communicate on a large scale.

At Tridindia, translation professionals can ensure you are understood all across the world, and they can be a resource on your way to expanding globally. Contact us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant translation quote today.


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