Website Translation and its Importance [Did You Know?]

In today’s digital age people all around the world are more than ever before interacting with each other. Effective communication between individuals have become the massive need today. So, don’t you think you should know about website translation and its importance?

The internet is bringing the world together. In a growing international business environment, the website translation can be a great business plan. English has long influenced the World Wide Web. And still, it does. The English language makes up more than 26% of the internet. That means, if your website is in that specific language, it appeals to most of the online users out there. But, the bad news: it ignores the other 74% that does not look right, does it? After all, that is millions of potential customers. In short, everyone who is running a business on the internet should go for website translation and including more than one language to their website.

However, for some types of website translation makes way more sense in comparison to others. For that reason, in this blog, we will go through the industries that need affordable website translation for business.

Understanding Website Translation

Website translation is the method of modifying an existing site to make it usable, accessible, and culturally prominent to a target audience. More than 1/3 of all internet users are non-native English speakers, and as per a survey, visitors stay for twice as long if the site is in their native language. As companies look to step into new markets, reach a global audience and boost international sales, the advantages of website translation are clear.

Importance of Website Translation

1. Legal

While working in an international environment, there are many times you may have to understand a proposal put forth by a global vendor. In this case, it is essential to understand all the information of the proposal and legal information as well properly. Therefore, prominent multilingual translation for websites is vital.

Thus due to this, the legal industry has a major requirement for translation solutions, and there are various companies that mainly translate only legal documents for their customers. Due to only focusing on legal documents the translation has great scope of being more accurate and will further assist you clearly know the legal matters of the proposal or of other types of documents.

2. Global Travel Sites

It is convenient to travel all across the world, all thanks to travel websites that assist you to navigate accommodations and transportation booking. Given that they handle traveling, these websites regularly encounter ticketing information, tour package details, and accommodation description that are listed in their local languages.

To assist a global customer base, then you need to professionally translate your business website. Many popular websites could go beyond their current market to serve a wider population.

3. Medical

The medical industry requires translations everywhere including hospitals, doctor’s offices, behind-the-scenes companies that handle pharmaceuticals, insurance, and medical supplies. In spite of the language they speak, everybody requires access to proper medical care. Here are some instances:

Emergency rooms and doctor offices should always have a translator that can properly help the staff and patient to make sure that requirements and instructions are appropriately conveyed.

Pharmaceutical companies have to deal with marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of medications, developing a massive need for translating software, information, and sites.

Medical insurance companies communicate with patients over the phone and have to give telephone translation solutions for those who cannot understand or speak English. Adding to that, all of the documentation makes desktop publishing solutions very essential.

The medical supply industry looks for devices from all around the globe and has to mostly deal with international teams, making proper website translation solutions essential. Plus, like manufacturers, they have to give attention to labeling information and regulations, making sure it suits legal standards.

4. Finance

Money has no boundaries. Today’s financial world moves massive sums of money across various institutions, sometimes many times a day, to maintain capital flowing to the places where it is most required. However, being responsible for that much capital and wealth means careful review and documentation and review; international financial transactions must always be up to legal standards so that they do not disrespect market laws and violate trade.

Hence, all financial documents- reports, contracts, correspondence, etc- must be translated by taking into consideration international and local financial regulations. This is where professionals come into play to make sure that your website is on the right hand.

5. Information & Technology

With the emergence of technology, this industry is obviously also growing all around the globe. In fact, there is a great demand for liable business document translation, from companies in this industry on a regular basis. With various projects managed internationally on a regular basis, there is a never-ending demand for IT companies needing technical documents translated into various languages according to the client’s requirements.

In such an industry besides the gathered knowledge about the language, it is essential that the translator is also familiar with all the technical jargon linked with the documents.


No matter the kind of business you are running, website translation by professional translators will only increase your online visibility, along with assisting your business see endless opportunities for growth. No more getting lost in translation. Now that you know how working with translation providers can benefit your company, despite what industry you are working in, hire a professional translation company- Tridindia. We offer you translations at a very affordable price that will assist in reaching a global audience.

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