Errors in Localization: Major Localization Errors That Can Affect Your Business

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If you want to localize your website or an app, you need to know about a few things. Firstly, localization is not easy, so don’t expect it to be. Secondly, you need the right localization team to avoid all the errors for a more effective approach.

More than 75% of the world’s population are not native speakers of the English language, so localizing your marketing and website content is necessary for crossing your local borders.

Localization is way more complicated and challenging in comparison to translation. Thus, mistakes are more likely to happen. Localization errors can negatively affect your company’s image and expansion goals. Therefore, having a piece of proper knowledge about high grade localization is important.

So, what are the errors you need to avoid? Here we have gathered some of them.

Common Errors In Localization

1. Thinking That Every Market Wants the Same Thing

Not every market needs the same thing, everyone has a different requirement. Helping customers know what your brand is all about is the ultimate goal. Companies when planning to enter a new geographical location should first know the demand of their new target customers. According to their expectations, culture, and preferences, you need to localize.

Different markets would think differently about your offerings. However there are common needs across various markets, but having a proper understanding of your customer’s needs in every market is essential.

2. Choosing Poor Graphics

When preparing to hit international grounds, overlooking graphics is not something you should encourage. Some graphics could be liked in one country but disliked by others. Graphics should not be confusing for anyone and if there are texts then that too needs to be localized.

Furthermore, if you are doing premium software localization, you will need to regenerate screenshots once your localizing process is complete.

3. Not Giving Value To Cultural Contexts

Not every word means the same in every language. It might have different meanings in different regions or languages. Your localization expert should have knowledge about these differences and the proper skills to manage such linguistic complexities.

This is because not focusing on different browsers and devices in various countries. And also ensure that everything is error-free.

4. Ignoring Small Details

Localizing a website perfectly needs a lot of attention to even the smallest details. With effective website localization, you can make sure that your website runs perfectly in different browses and devices in various countries. And also ensure that everything is error-free.

The aim of your localization should be to provide a memorable user experience in every market.

The smallest mistake is enough to lose a potential customer. Therefore, go through the content carefully. By localizing your content, you can engage more visitors and make them feel like you understand them. This will probably turn the visitors into your loyal customers.

5. Conveying The Wrong Meaning

The most common localization error is conveying the wrong meaning. While sometimes, the right meaning is accurately conveyed in the target language, often the intended meaning gets lost in the shuffle.

To avoid such type of errors, it is important that you use correct localization techniques while keeping in mind that the meanings can get changed in different countries. This way you can avoid conveying the wrong meaning of the text.

6. Inappropriate Content

Content like blogs and SMO is very important for building a good online presence. Often, this type of content is published in the common business language- English, which makes it irrelevant for the customers that don’t understand the language properly.

To increase your brand awareness and customer momentum in different markets, a company should localize its content and get it published by popular influencers and bloggers whom the audience trust.

7. Thinking That You Don’t Need Human Translators

Definitely, you will not have to invest a single penny for machine translation, but there are lots of issues that come with that. Solely relying on machine translation can affect your brand’s image and SEO strategy. As a result, the traffic coming to your website will be reduced. And these things are enough to weaken your sales performance. This is one of the genuine reasons to localize your content.

It is very essential that you work with human translators for building a good first impression on your customers. Human translators will make sure your customers have a great experience with your brand in every language.

By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, you can make sure that you can successfully run a business worldwide, increasing your revenues and expanding your customer base.


Half the battle of avoiding localization mistakes will be done if you have a localization expert in support. If you want to hire a professional localization company, turn to Tridindia. We provide a full spectrum of localization with an assurance of high-quality standards in various industries.

Here, we not only help to create a culturally-relevant website or app but also assist you to grab the attention of potential customers. Reach us at +91-8527599523 or send us an quick quote.

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