How To Expand Your Audience With Translation & Transcription?

Nowadays, it’s possible to expand your audience with transcription and translation quickly. Once a brilliant idea turns into a successful business, it is obvious to dream about taking a business operation to the new audience. If you have struggled a lot, still do not get the target customers due to language differences, then it would be best to get solutions of confidential and accurate conversion of your content into required lingo.

Expanding products or services to the worldwide audience can be an excellent opportunity to extend the business at an international level, and reach potential customers. Before kicking off the strategy to penetrate into the new market, ensure that promoting materials you’re using, contain information in the way that your audience can understand. And there’s when you need to consider audio translation, or others to convert your text, audio, and video files into language suitable for customers.

Interesting Transcription/Translation Facts & Helpful Statistics

Transcription word comes from Latin term Transcibere, which is a combination of 2 words – trans means across, and scribere which means write.

Transcription word has been used for a long time, almost since the 17th century.

For the first time, transcription was used in 1598.

In 1998, typists used only two fingers for typing, and their speed is determined by 23 words per minute as slow, 35 words per minute as moderate, and 40 words per minute as fast.

Nowadays, typing speed reaches up to 120+ words per minute. General transcription is a new form in which the content is changed into a typing format. It is highly useful in many fields such as legal, media, medical, etc for transcribing political debates, interviews, and more sessions.

A professionally-trained transcription expert can type 80-100 words in a minute.

30th September (feast day of St. Jerome) is considered international translation day.

A recent survey proved that there are over 3 lakh certified translators.

An experienced translator can convert (translate) about 250 words within 60 minutes.

a)- Need Of Audio/ Video Transcription & Translation

Turning an idea into a growing and full-fledged company, extending customers’ base, and creating a global business presence is much easier to say than done. Having your content converted into the language of an intended audience through audio transcription is a huge advantage to reach international customers. This is because targeting each respective area at global level comes with lots of challenges. From the language, custom, and culture of consumers to international business ethics/protocols, everything varies a lot from one location to another.

How Audio/Video Transcription Provides Higher Engagement?

If you’re going to pick your digital camera or Smartphone to record the audio or video for your company, then wait a minute. Before you create a video or audio recordings for more user engagement, make sure you get transcription for content you’re composing. Following are some ways it can help you to get the most value for your business.

1. According to WHO, over 466 million people have hearing problems or deaf audience. With text-based content of your audio or video files, you can reach these millions of people.

2. Getting accurate transcription services online is a great thought if you don’t want your audio/video content to consume lots of data.

3. Combining your audio/video content with transcription helps to connect with the non-native audience by allowing them to clearly understand the message.

4. Transcription/translation makes it much simpler to copy and paste the specific part of the content in social media post, blog, article, etc.

5. Consumers will more likely to access the text-based content because it saves their time of regularly skipping backward or forward to reach the desired section.

When it comes to getting useful information, each person has different preferences. Text-based content help to reach those people, who prefer reading the information. So, go ahead to present your video/audio information into readable form ensuring your transcriptionist speak your language perfectly as well as your audience’s lingo.

b)- Benefits Of Audio/Video Transcription For Businesses

Practically, there is no limit of benefits obtained by translating or transcribing all types of content be it based on business presentation, learning material, meetings, training videos, focus groups, seminars, webinars, or any other.

(1) Providing easily accessible and readable content helps to give a targeted audience the timely update of your product or service.

(2) Engage existing customers and bring the attention of new consumers including people with no or limited hearing abilities, non-native audience, and viewers in the sound-restricted areas.

(3) Better user engagement leads to the maximized sales and boosted ROI.

(4) As text is still a helpful learning supplement for the majority of the people around the world, translating or transcribing the content in textual form helps to provide users with the best experience.

(5) Interact with foreign business associates and gain international fame.

To get the most flexible language solutions, and all of the above mentioned advantages, it is essential to pick a company that comprises of all traits of efficient transcription provider such as team of multilingual experts, affordability, industry specialization, no use of software, faster TAT, confidentiality, services for all types of files, and all. The most important quality of a translator or transcriptionist is that he/she must have trained ear to easily and quickly understand what is being said or mentioned in the files to be converted.

c)- Specialized Translations That Work

The easiest way to get your content translated perfectly with utmost accuracy is to hire the professionals, who’re specialized in your industry. Before selecting any translation expert, get some time to work on the assignment from your end. Research about the qualities that must be present in an expert, and how to get quality output. For example, if you’re searching for a reliable service provider for your literature content, then learn about tips for literary translation, and ensure that professional you’re hiring perform the task in the same manner.

The language and industry specialists can translate text from one lingo to another precisely by making the perfect use of associated terminologies. Highly skilled translation expert with many years of experience usually specialize in all major industries such as Marketing, Education, Aviation, Real Estate, Legal, Medical, and etc.

d)- Accurate Transcription For Global Businesses

There are plenty of options to transcribe content. You may find free online tools to quickly convert your facts into the desired format. Unfortunately, many of these software are unreliable as these do not guarantee full accuracy.

Thankfully, TridIndia provides the affordable and trustworthy approach of translation & transcription for a variety of languages. The team comprises of professionally-trained and certified experts, who are specialized in multiple languages, and providing satisfactory solutions to clients from several business domains. All translators and transcribers maintain the safety and confidentiality of a client’s project information.

If you want to join these satisfied clients, then contact us or call us at +91-8527599523 with your project needs, and avail the advantages you want to provide to your business.

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