Hindi Website Translation: Why Should You Translate Website into Hindi Language?

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A recent report showed that around 749 million people have used the internet on a regular basis in the year 2020. And obviously, the numbers definitely have increased way more in 2021. It also showed that India has the potential to become the 2nd largest population of internet users around the world. So, don’t you think translating your website into the Hindi language will help you gain a competitive edge?

Internet users will keep growing from 749 million to a way higher number by the end of the year 2021. And as you already know India is the 2nd most internet user-populated country, so it ultimately becomes a huge market for online businesses and portals to aim. It’s no big secret that translating your website into a new language will definitely increase engagement. If asked, most internet users will show their preference towards a website that conveys information in their native language. Therefore, top-notch website translation in the Hindi language is a very wise and profitable strategy to reach millions of people who are looking for product and service information in their native language.

In this blog, we will know the top-most reasons to translate a website into the Hindi language- the language that is spoken by around 45% of the Indian population.

Reasons to Translate Website into Hindi Language

1. Grasping the potential

Websites that are targeting the Indian market, focusing on translating their website into the Hindi language. Today, to grow in the global market, businesses have started adopting a local outlook through prominent Hindi translation to reach users more efficiently. The translation is the medium to establish a global presence through which businesses can reach a local audience by removing the language barrier and developing a good communication channel.

Therefore, searching for website translation solutions will be ideal for online businesses to generate more leads and growing the demand of business by offering better solutions.

2. Increasing Hindi Content Consumption

Do you know that India has left the even US behind when it comes to internet usage? Hindi language content consumption has grown incredibly in the last few years and will rise in the coming years. This increasing Indian population online clearly means that Hindi translation can help you target a larger user base. If you want to target a new market and don’t know how to do it, premium multilingual translation for websites is the most perfect way to take a step forward for global expansion.

Professional website translation into the Hindi language will help you open your business gates to a wider and ever-growing online Indian population.

3. About 10% of the Indian population speak English

English is spoken by 125 million people in India proficiently. Yes, India is the 2nd most English-speaking country in the world, but the number of Indian people speaking English is just 10% or would be slightly above it. Therefore, if you are providing information in the English language only then you are just reaching a small fraction and are missing many opportunities for growth.

If seen on the other side, Hindi is the official language of India and is spoken by around 45% of the Indian population. Therefore, the crucial need of Hindi translation is massive. You can massively increase your company’s chances to engage Indian consumers by translating your website into the Hindi language.

Once you establish a great Indian consumer base, your sales will automatically increase.

4. Increased Revenue

When the site’s sales pitch is translated into your target audience’s native language, converting leads becomes easier. Website description is the only thing that influences visitors to stay on the site for a long time. When a website is translated into the target audience’s native language, the business will get many profits. Therefore, utilizing Hindi website translation is essential for converting leads and generating more revenues.

5. Drive a Deeper Awareness

If you are conveying your business information in English only, not only you will reach just a small portion of the audience in India but you will also be unable to establish a strong online presence. Translating your website into the Hindi language will allow you to wider your reach and increase awareness of your product or service.

6. Target a Market Of 1.3 Billion People

India’s population is estimated at 1.39 billion in the year 2021. The Indian population will continue to grow until it hits a peak of 1.68 billion people in the year 2065. It is evident that there is still a huge space for growth in this economy.

When it’s about website translation, going for a reputed company is something you should consider. A proper experience in various domains provides a good idea of what different industries want, to move ahead of the competitors.

This shows that there is a great demand of Hindi translation. High-quality Hindi website translation is the stepping stone to success.


If you want to step into a new market, and don’t know where to begin, translating your site is very simple and most efficient. A proper Hindi translation will help you to spread information about your products and services to the growing Indian population.

At Tridindia, our native Hindi speakers are ready to help you in translating your website to the target Indian market. Call us today at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote o initiate global expansion.

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