How Does Interpretation Work In Business Settings?

Interpretation is not an alien word today. It is a profound element of every international business conference, seminar or meeting, where delegates from different language backgrounds meet and exchange information.

But, how does interpretation really works in business settings? Do I have to hire a separate interpreter for separate parties/business delegates? How to find the right type of interpretation? How will my business delegates understand what I am trying to convey? Are translation and interpretation the same?

Relax. Scroll down and find out potential answers to your queries in this blog.

What Is Interpretation?

Before understanding the role of interpretation in the business world, it is important to know what exactly is interpretation. Interpretation means to convey the meaning of an oral message from one language to another. Here, one must note that the conversion of message is taking place orally, unlike translation. Both interpretation and translation are different and you should not mix them. Translation involves converting written messages from one language to another. So, nothing is done on an oral basis or in real-time, in the case of translation.

Hence, for business meetings, conferences etc., you need an interpreter and not a translator.

How Interpretation Works?

Interpretation works in multiple ways, depending upon your needs and the type of interpretation you outsource. Generally, for international business meetings and conference, you will always need simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpretation. In business settings, these forms of interpretation works the best. So, we will talk about them one by one.

a) Simultaneous interpretation

If you choose the simultaneous method, you (the speaker) will speak in the headphones, while the interpreter would sit in a sound-proof booth, listening to what you are saying. From the booth, the interpreter will convert your message in the language of the audience who will be wearing headphones to receive the interpreted message. For different languages, different interpreters would be there and the audience would have the option to switch to the respective native language channels.

So, you just need to outsource simultaneous interpretation in UAE (or wherever the event is taking place) and address your delegates.

b) Consecutive interpretation

In case of consecutive method, the interpretation won’t take place on a simultaneous basis. This implies that the interpretation would take place, once you (the speaker) have stopped speaking. It works best for business meetings where only a few number of languages need to be addressed or generally for technical/scientific presentations by a single speaker.

c) Whispered Interpretation

If you are organizing or going for a short meeting at a place where you do not understand the language, you must hire interpreters specialized in whispered interpreting. The interpreter(s) will sit next or close to you (the listener) and provide interpretation in a whispered voice.

Understand The Working Languages For Conference Setting

Depending on your needs, you can ask for any of these forms of interpretation or hire interpreters on contract, full-time or per project basis. But, this is not enough. When you will contact a vendor for conference interpreting solutions, you will be asked about the passive and active languages of your conference. This implies that you must know the languages spoken by the participants plus the languages that need to be interpreted.

Depending on your requirements, a team of interpreters will be delegated to your project so that their working languages match your requirements.

Interpreters’ working languages are either active or passive. Active languages consist of the mother tongue language and other languages in which the interpreter is very fluent. Passive languages are the ones which the interpreter can understand, but do not work in them.

So, if you choose a passive working language of the interpreter, the message will be interpreted only from the passive language into the active language of the interpreter.

Find The Right Interpreter For Your Business Meetings

Once you are aware of all the aspects of interpretation, it would be very easy for you to choose the right interpretation vendor or interpreter. At TridIndia, we make sure that all your needs are fulfilled and the interpretation that you receive is excellent in every sense. Our professional interpreters have different language and industry expertise and are available on contract, full-time and part-time basis. Apart from delivering reliable interpretation in USA and other worldwide locations, we also organize conferences anywhere across India and provide interpreting equipment on rent.

To know more, call us at +91-8527599223 or mail us at [email protected]


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