Is Interview Transcription Essential? 5 Reasons Why Transcribing Interviews Make Sense

Why should I get the interviews transcribed? This is one of the biggest concerns of most of the business owners today. Be it a healthcare provider, a multinational firm, a Ph.D candidate or any other individual, interview transcription is essential for everyone in the present era. Typically, it is considered to be the best strategy for data management in research. For other businesses, it serves the purpose of documenting or collecting information regarding the candidates’ health issues, education etc.

The points mentioned below further highlight the major reasons why transcribing interviews is important. Scroll down to know more.

1. Saves Your Time

You may often wonder why do you need to transcribe when you already have the interview recorded in an audio format. Though the recorded audio may serve the purpose, it would consume a huge amount of time. To listen to certain parts of the interview, you will have to jump back and forth or listen repeatedly to fully grasp what was said. A transcribed interview with timestamps will help you go through the content in a more efficient manner. You can even use keywords to directly jump to the section of the interview which you were looking for.

2. Improve Your Interview Technique

Another reason for transcribing interviews or outsourcing transcribing services in USA is to improve your technique or style of conducting interviews. For example, a written record will let you know if you interrupt the interviewee with sentences, like ‘oh, that’s great’ etc. Undoubtedly, these words or sentences are encouraging, but, they disrupt the flow of the candidate. You may also get the chance to analyze the type of questions you ask from the interviewee.

3. Facilitate Collaboration

Transcription of interviews is an effective way to avoid interviewer bias. Listening to the audio and analyzing it with your colleagues is great, but, it consumes a huge amount of time. On the other hand, a text file is small and is easy to share. It is even easier to edit using Google Docs, Microsoft Word or any other text processor.

4. Create a Perfect Story For Research

In comparison to an audio, skimming a written record is way better and easier. This is why most of the business owners and journalists prefer to choose a reliable transcription company that helps them convert their audio files into text format. You may be creating your research piece by going through a number of interviews. If they are available in written format, it becomes easy to scan all of them simultaneously and group the ideas at a fast pace. If you are performing this task listening to audio clips, this will be no less than a nightmare.

5. Assures Accuracy

Talking about the researchers and journalists, they need to have a transcribed version of the interviews, so as to gain access to accurate facts. While you are preparing your research paper, you may require to enter a direct quote of the interviewee. In such a situation, you need to be 100% accurate with what the context was and what were the actual words. Listening to the audio, you cannot achieve that. Nor you can highlight the exact context in which a specific statement was given by the interviewee.

Transcribe Your Interviews Within Minutes

Transcribing interviews is indeed an essential part of the research conducted by the journalists and also for business owners who wish to keep a written record of the communication held during the interview session. But who is going to transcribe the interview for you? Converting the audio into text word-by-word is definitely a tedious process, but you need not to worry about that. Simply outsource the task to a reputed transcription firm and get the job done. Tridindia offers accurate audio transcription near New York for interviews and other types of audios in all Indian and foreign languages. We have talented transcribers on board who transcribe your audios within a very short time frame. We assure to offer you the fastest turnaround time. So, you need not to worry about anything.

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