How to Choose a Voice Over Agency? [5 Tips to Choose]

Choosing the right voice-over agency is a daunting task for many companies as sometimes they are unable to choose what they need and what they do not. Identifying which agency would be beneficial for your business is important as later it will become the official voice of your Agency.

The VO talent you choose will ultimately become the voice of your brand. A voice that is suitable for your brand can make a long-lasting emotional connection between your customer and your brand. With the wrong voice over you will make your customer create a negative opinion towards your product. This is the main reason why selecting the right voice-over artist is important.

Here, we will discuss some reasons to choose the right voice-over agency near me for your next video.

Tips to Choose a Voice Over Agency

1. Acting Ability And Voice Versatility

An experienced Voice actor can perform various roles. It’s a known fact that a female voice-over artist cannot give the voice for the male part. But the artist can definitely modify voice according to different ages. Different accents, characters, and performing comedy and animation are some skills that can be found in a professional VO artist.

According to the aim and nature of your brand, the flexibility in the voice you select may be important. Go through the skill-set and background of trustworthy voice over artists as this will make sure that they have the ability to satisfy your needs.

2. List the Emotions that Describe your Brand

You need to make a list of emotions that would properly present your brand. Take an example like if you provide any security solution then attention and dedication may be the emotions that you would like to link with your brand.

If you are planning to sell household products then long-lasting and affordability would be your main focus point. Get that voice-over talent whose voice goes with the emotions of your brand.

3. What Kind Of Voice Does Your Audience Want To Hear?

Before choosing anyone, first, decide what kind of voice do you want. With various acting skills, voice-over talents also have various speaking skills. Few voice-over talents providing various types of voice-over would be casual while others would provide more upbeat, exciting reads. Many VO artists have particular accents. The majority of voice talent directories help talents to elaborate their voices. Consider all the features while choosing any voice,

4. Test with your Target Demographic

What happens if you like the voice of a VO artist but don’t know how it will resonate with your audience? If you planning to target males aged 35-55 for your products, then you want to have a male VO artist who goes with your description to hear the VO demos. The reach of the corporate video will decide the amount of demographic testing you will get. If the video has a small reach then asking five or max seven people who meet your demographic process may be enough.

If you are choosing a VO talent for any current campaign then you will require much careful testing. Having a professional voice over help will be a wise idea to get accurate voice-over solutions.

5. Long-Term Suitability

No one can predict the success of your video. Think about the bigger picture from the beginning. For example, identify that is your chosen VO talent is right person or voice to showcase your brand values for the future?

Genuine customers establish an emotional attachment to voices and once any association is done with a brand it is then very complicated to break the connection. If you have established certain trust, then you would not majorly need to diverge from what people know.

Consider hiring a professional agency to assure that you get a professional VO artist who will be working in the future as well. If you are planning to establish a long-term connection, then it’s important to have such discussions with your VO artist performing major voice over techniques at the beginning of the project.


A professional VO artist can bring a major difference to your corporate video. Take time to analyze what you want from the voice, what you want the voice to showcase, and go through your options carefully. Working with a reputed agency can provide you with great results. Tridindia is one such professional and renowned agency that provides cost-effective Voice-over solutions. They have a team of VO artists who have enough experience and skills to satisfy your needs.

Please let us know if you want our VO solutions. Call us at +91-8527599201 or request an free voice over quote now!

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