How to Choose the Right Voice-over Company [6 Tricks to Follow]

Companies invest entire marketing budgets on the way their company looks, but how many give importance to how their company sounds? The voice-over company that you choose will basically give the voice to your brand. The right voice over company can create a lasting and real connection between your brand as well as your customer. So, don’t you think you need to choose the right voice over company?

The wrong voice can alienate your prospective customer developing negative emotions towards your product. That is the reason why choosing the right voice over company is important. Below are some tips that will help you with that process and choose the perfect voice over artist for your next commercial video. When choosing a voice-over talent, your first instinct might be to go with the most professional ones. This is a good call since it decreases the possibility of getting a bad voice-over, but a voice artist’s experience is not the only factor to consider. Selecting effective voice over translation is about getting a voice that fits the tone, personality, and goals of your brand. It takes a lot of skill to be an experienced voice.

Even when they do not understand the subject, the best voice-talents can still sound like knowledgeable experts.

Tips To Choose The Right Voice Over Company


1. List The Emotions That Describe Your Brand

Make a shortlist of the emotions that you would say correctly describe your brand. For instance, if you are a financial service provider then security and solidity may be the emotions that you need to link with your brand. If you are selling household cleaning products then efficiency, friendliness, and positivity may be more suitable.

Look for a voice-over company that can provide the voice best suits these emotions and also helps you with high-quality marketing translation.

2. Know The Kind Of Voice Your Audience Want To Hear

Trustworthy? Young? Exciting? Experienced? Just as talents have various acting skills, they also have various speaking styles. Some talent will be more basic, while others provide more upbeat and exciting reads. Some have certain accents. Most voice over company helps you to make your brand more presentable. Keep these descriptions into consideration when choosing a voice-over agency. Voice talent samples, also known as demos, are invaluable tools when searching for the right talent.

3. Ask for Recommendations

It can be complicated to know where to begin when selecting a voice-over agency and this can stop you from making use of profitable benefits of voice over company. There is such a wide range of voice-over talents that picking from among them can be a little complicated. This is why it can make sense to work with a video production company. They should have a selection of voice over talents on their books that they have worked with in the past as well as knowledge is reliable.

They can also assist to screen voice-over talents to assist match a voice-over artist for your specific needs.

4. Look at Examples of Previous Work

A good voice over artist can provide you a wide range of examples of their previous work. Take a look at the work they have done and analyze whether their work matches the same buying demographic as your own product or service. This will help you to identify the efficient role of voice over. It’s also good to see if they can handle a range of different types of voice work. This includes everything starting from storytelling where they need a lot of expression in their voice, to standard infomercials.

A perfect voice over agency is able to deliver you a range of examples of their previous work. Give a look at the kind of work they have done and see whether their type of work meets.

5. Consider Pitch

If you are making a video for an older audience then pitch can be very essential. There is a common condition known as presbycusis which affects older people which protects them from hearing higher pitch ranges. Consequently, when marketing to the senior audience, select a voice over talent with a deeper pitch to make sure that your key messages are clearly heard.

6. Choose the Right Accent

In this global marketplace, it can be complicated to decide which accent you should utilize for your video. If you are appealing to a global audience with a web video then you likely want to go for a middle-range British or American accent. If you need to appeal to a particular audience then a regional accent may be more reliable. Keep in mind that if you are producing a video for an international audience then there should be a clear accent that could be understandable by most of your audience.

Ultimately, if you select the right company, then it is for sure that your video will come alive. Their delivery will brilliantly complement the visuals, it will develop an all-essential personality of your brand, and most importantly it will assist to retain your audience’s attention right to the very end. To make a correct choice, know why is voice over important.


When you select a voice over agency for videos, remember the style of reading that you want, the details you are presenting, and the story you want to convey. Voice over talents at Tridindia will consider the preferences of your audience and the tone you want in your final video. Consider using our voice over services for long scripts or character work, to keep the entire video interesting.

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