Importance of Blog Translation: How it Helps your Business Grow?

By translating your blogs, you can get a hold of many placements for your original blog. This is the reason why it is very important to get your blog translated accurately each time you publish, in order to build trust in your target readers.

While not all the contents on your website should be translated, blog translation can be a very important aspect for your company’s global growth and supporting your expansion strategy. By filling the language gaps through professional blog translation, companies can efficiently connect to global markets, reach diverse audience, and boost sales immensely.

In this blog, we are going to go through top reasons why error-free blog translation is important to get a competitive edge.

Top 6 Importance of Blog Translation

1- Have a Powerful Impact

A reputed company can smartly translate all your blogs to make you hold a search engine result page in various languages. This is the reason why blog entries with the availability of various languages can assist to make an effective impact on your brand worldwide.

Some companies have also used the strategy of translating their blog content, one in their native language and other in the native language of their readers.

2- Improve Ad Revenue

If you want to execute an SEO strategy which might involve blog translation, one of the benefits is that it will give you huge ad revenue. After all, reliable language translation solutions will help you expand your audience reach and increase blog posts sharing as well as develop more quality backlinks.

3- Make Brand Presence in Your Field

Blogs are the most efficient way to promote your company. Being able to deliver high quality blog content can provide a competitive edge among your competitors.

Professional translation solutions can enhance your status as the key opinion leader, by translating your blog accurately in various languages. Hence, prominently translating your blogs into multiple languages can help you establish a trustworthy image of your company globally. Thus, permitting you to more easily target your customers from all around the world.

4- Enhance SEO Strategy

SEO is the most essential aspect in making sure your site ranks in SERPs like Google which will bring you more traffic to your website. If you want to add more effectiveness to your SEO efforts, having the blog of your website in more than one language is one of the convenient methods.

Well-experienced translators specialize in blog translation and keep cultural aspects, like the social, historical, and even political aspects of a new market in mind. This is the foundation for all effective marketing strategies which can have a positive impact on your company. Therefore, quality human translation for content is needed.

5- Get Traffic Globally

Although, English is the most widely spoken languages across the world, it actually brings only 25% of the total internet traffic. Those who prefer other languages like Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and various other languages also have a huge population on internet. Therefore, if your company is only publishing blog in English, you are losing a huge set of potential readers.

By efficiently translating your blogs in multiple languages, you can assist your business get immense visibility on many social media platforms in different places. Whenever a company publishes a blog in multiple languages, the entire content gets a good response on social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn.

6- Establish Great Brand Trust

Blogs comes in the top position among various other types of content when it comes to consumer influence. While you might think that users take content like case studies, white papers, and press releases to be the most trustworthy content, the truth is, people find blogs to be way more reliable.

With accurate translation for blog, you are giving your consumers more options and gaining their trust. Blogs doesn’t look like a sales pitch and propaganda to promote something, it generally have a genuine intention to provide information about a specific topic.


If you want to cross your local border and reach a new market, you need to provide high-quality blog content to get an extra edge over your competitors. Hiring the right translation specialists can have a huge impact on your business at a global scale. Tridindia can help you improve the quality of your blogs by translating it in both foreign and Indian languages.

We have a network of translators who have expertise in different domains and hence can assure you accurate translation. Contact us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today to talk to our professionals.

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