Know the Importance of Hindi Interpretation For Your Business

Living in the world’s second most populated country, India is home to a majority of Hindi speakers. Though it is not the official language of the country there are many Hindi speaking communities active in other parts of the world as well. Hindi is an essential language for many businesses. While a bulk of people in India does know to read and write in English, there is also a significant chunk who are not fluent in the given language. Hindi is a valuable language when it comes to increasing business prospects and dealing with more customer and clients. 

With the rising need of effective Hindi interpretation, industry is needed to cope up with the demand. From medical, technical, legal, engineer, shipping, media, almost all the industries are now looking for Hindi interpretation.

Importance of Hindi Interpretation in Current Times


1. Legal Matters

When it comes to interpretation relating to legal matters in Hindi, having an agency by your side can be quite significant. Incorrect filings can not only shift court dates but can also lead to penalties. Not everybody is fluent in reading Hindi documents and while most of the legal paperwork in India can be done in English, Hindi is one of the languages which you will commonly find on the papers. It could be vital when discussing Medical Malpractice, International Arbitration, and Commercial Litigation etc.

Hindi is the official language of India, there are almost 1200 million Hindi speaking people not all of whom speak English. You can reach this enormous population by having an interpretation service by your side. With this reach, your business must start talking in Hindi.

2. Market Research

Businesses spend weeks in conducting their market research. They look at how their product will benefit people and how will they be able to reach a maximum number of people, depending on which they devise their marketing strategy. The prominent interpretation for big enterprises is slightly different in comparison to smaller firms. When targeting a Hindi speaking country for market research, the importance of having a Hindi interpreter increases many fold. You will only be able to communicate with people and know about their requirements when your brand speaks a language they are familiar with.

The importance of Hindi language is growing on the global front with the increasing population. People who do not understand English are being targeted and with an interpretation, they will easily connect with your brand. Finding the information regarding the business in Hindi will make them feel appreciated. It can help you get higher revenue and greater trust.

3. Meeting Interpretation

Gone are the times when you had to restrict your business to a particular community due to language restrictions. With speech interpretation, you will be to hold meetings along with exceptional business communication from both ends. People often fail to understand the difference between simultaneous vs consecutive interpretation and thus fail to decide what they need. When doing a business in India, you will need Hindi interpretation many times to understand what your client needs. A reliable interpretation service will give you full conference support.

According to a KPMG-Google study by 2021, almost 80% of Hindi users will be online on the internet.

4. Travel & Tourism

India being home to a lot of famous tourist destination is among one of the highest country visited by foreign tourists. Many times these tourists need a Hindi interpreter for a convenient trip. All the companies running a business in the Travel and Tourism sector in India will need compelling interpretation for effective communication. It will not only help the business to flourish but will also allow the tourism industry to grow further. India has the biggest market of multilingual Interpretation in Delhi due to the high number of tourists that visit Delhi first, even if they have to tour the whole of India.

5. Medical

There is a need for interpreter specifically to cater to the demand of foreign patients. Now, many people are travelling aboard for their treatments. It is already difficult for people to understand the complex terms a doctor use, hearing them in an unfamiliar language could let them down. Thus, having an interpreter by their side will allow them to convey what they feel in the right way. Medical experts knowing importance of interpretation for a foreign patient do advice to have an interpreter beforehand as well.


Tridindia has decades of professional experience in interpretation. We provide our services from small scale to even leading industries. We hire experts who are well versed with the industry and specialise in all types of interpretation including conference, simultaneous etc.

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