Why is Language Transcription Important? [7 Crucial Facts]

Transcription is a process where someone converts the audio into text. It makes a lot of things easier to understand. Well, the first question might be that ours is a culture that is heavily relied on audio and video medium. Then why text? The simple answer is the difference you feel when watching a YouTube video without captions and then watching them with the caption.

Even when you completely understand the language, there is a comfort in watching the video with text.

Reasons Why Language Transcription is Important

1. Meet Customer Needs

Businesses that deal regularly with customers or potential clients do need transcription services regularly to deal with their queries, feedback or request. Companies even today use voicemail to generate customer feedback. Transcription of those voice mails can help you share the feedback with the team easily so that the team can work on that efficiently. Sometimes there is an urgent need of transcription to many firms depending on the urgent request by their clients.

Transcription removes the audible distractions that might disturb the verbal element of a presentation.

2. Saves Time And Effort

Sometimes it becomes a difficult task of extracting relevant points from audio. When you have a transcription of any particular audio, the task becomes far easier. This is specifically true for the staff who are not professionals of the field and need a transcribed document to communicate in a better way. You can save all the time and effort by appropriate transcription of audio content will help your team arrive on the result quickly.

Some languages might take 20 words to say what might take us only five words or vice versa. At last, it gives you the key to effective communication, no matter what is being said.

3. Spread The Word

Many times people are not able to attend any event. You can provide the transcribed document of the event which will help in spreading the word. It is often done for an educational lecture. While hearing the audio, a person is not able to figure out the context when they want to jump in from one moment to the other. Also, there might be significant pauses. When reading a document, the person can read according to their pace, thus allowing them to jump to the sections they are more interested in. Here data is not limited to one place. However, there are few languages in demand for transcription most of which depend on the language spoken in the country. It is because a literate audience mostly prefers to read in English.

4. Helping People With Hearing Disability

There are a lot of people today who suffer from hearing disability. While many people are not completely deaf, people with even partial disability struggle to hear and transcription solved their problem. When sharing audio with the crowd, it is also advised to forward the transcribed document as well as it helps a lot.

Businesses that make their audio or visual content available in text format opens themselves to a much broader base of customers. YouTube is a clear example. It is the reason why it provides an automated caption for videos.

5. Increases Use Experience

Transcription is necessary as it allows people to engage with any audio or video content in an alternative way. Media can be more interactive by adding transcripts and playlist search. It is all about user experience. If a customer is more comfortable in using the medium, they will visit it again for sure.

6. Gives Subtitles Or Closed Captions

To make a caption you need complete transcription of the document from the video. You will need time marks to do this task. Almost no one prefers to watch any video today without subtitles thus transcription of any document is necessary as it allows to increase the reach of content to more people. Most people need English transcription for subtitle work.

7. Global Reach

Not only does transcription helps people of native language but many times you need transcriptions of audios in another language as well. It involves both translation and transcription work simultaneously.

Around 81% of students use transcription for a study aid. 99% of students take classes where video work is involved d they need transcriptions to enhance their learning process. It is easier to make notes and grasp many things.


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