Importance of Hindi Subtitling: How it Increases Your Viewership?

In this globalized age, most of the videos online are viewed on social media platforms. A survey shows that around 65% of views on videos come from Indian viewers that speak Hindi language. In this respect, having subtitling in Hindi can help you reach more viewers. Thus, there is a major importance of Hindi subtitling.

In India, it is estimated that Hindi is spoken as the first language by 425 million people and as a second language by about 120 million people. It is the India’s official language and is widely spoken in the northern half of India. Hindi is also spoken in Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad, Guyana, Tobago, Suriname, and Nepal.

In today’s globalized world, online video content plays an important role in your company advertising and video has been a very important marketing tool. But have you ever thought that whether your video is reaching to the audience you are targeting or not? While effective video content is always the first and most essential step, there is another one you may have missed- including subtitles in Hindi.

Let’s know more about the importance of proper Hindi subtitling.

Importance of Subtitling in Hindi

1- More People will Watch

Think of how mostly you yourself turn the sound on for understanding the content of the videos especially when you are in a busy place. Survey shows that more than 75% of people view a video through subtitles.

Your video could be very engaging on the feeds of your potential viewers because they will be able to view it without turning on the sound.

2- They Act as A Resource for Hindi Speakers

Translation of subtitles in Hindi can increase your potential and is very beneficial if you have videos that you wanted to share among Hindi speakers. Taking your target audience’s native language into consideration is important if you want to make the next leap to reach millions of audience. This shows the major importance of reliable subtitling Solutions.

3- Make Content Accessible to Deaf Community

When interpreting is not in your strategy, subtitling translation could act as a substitute. When a deaf person is watching your video, they tend to understand your video more conveniently by running through the subtitles.

4- Engage more Viewers

It permits people to watch your video without any sound. It makes your content more accessible to those who cannot turn on the sound or can’t hear normally. As per reports, in adults at 65 ages, around 45% of the population suffers from loss of hearing. Hence, providing subtitling gives them an opportunity to enjoy your content without any trouble.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook auto-play the videos without any sound. In such case, subtitles play a very essential role in attracting potential viewers. Especially if you are targeting Indian audience, top-quality subtitling for global business environment in Hindi is must.

5- Beneficial for the Kids

Survey shows that adding Hindi subtitles to your videos for children can increase their reading capabilities more rapidly. Now that is nothing to blow your nose at, specifically when kids tend to sit in front of the TV for many hours, having subtitles in the videos could give them many learning lessons.

6- Many Videos are watched without Sound

It is observed that around 80% of Facebook videos are viewed without turning the sound on. By incorporating subtitles in your video market strategy, you can increase the engagement at a massive level. After all, what good is it if all your hard work goes into vain by not reaching to the viewers you want?

Professional subtitling is an effective way of reaching your target audience, especially the ones who speak Hindi language. With experienced subtitle experts you can convert your subtitles in any language you want without changing the meaning. Now, you might know about the effective subtitling and its importance.


If you are not have added subtitles to your videos, you are already behind many. Tridindia is a trustworthy company providing subtitle solutions in more than 150 languages. We have an experience of 18+ years in this industry. With our team of professional subtitling linguists, we can develop subtitles that are tailor-made to convey the correct nuance and meaning of the content. They make sure that your subtitle holds the right tone and intent while sharing to your audience.

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