Importance of Human Translation: How it is better than Machine Translation?

When you are running a business, you will have to meet people from various cultures and speak different languages. For smooth communication, companies need to consider human translators to properly translate all the documents that are required for operating business overseas.

With various free tools available online for translation, people often think about why they require investing in professional human translators. These tools, however, can only help with basic communication or provide an idea of what a text means. Machine translation should not be used in essential matters like winning key clients, medical translation, book translation, and an email translation for conveying a message to important clients. The best things a machine translation can provide are documents with draft quality. Translating your content using tools will ruin your company’s reputation and ultimately you will lose your clients.

Therefore, you should choose skilled language translators when it’s a matter of essential documents. If you are still in confusion, here we will discuss the importance of human translation.

Major Importance of Human Translations

1. Specialization

Human translators can specialize in finance, marketing, or economics. With their specialized knowledge of various markets and types of businesses, human translators can translate your website and assist in showcasing your products or services to the audience globally by conveying information in their native language.

2. Details of Human Language

Human language involves tone, expressions, and intent in translation, the sense of the phrases needs to be considered when translating them from one language to another. There are many words that have multiple connotations and senses and these need to be considered when selecting the best word choices for the translation to be proper. Here comes the need for a reputed translation company. Even in English, you can find a difference between gray and crimson, and scarlet is not just a mixture of black and white.

There can be many translation formats according to the document. It depends on the translator to make the correct decision that would make sure the quality of the translation, which should always be checked by professionals.

The quality and consistency that a human translation can provide could not be expected from machine translation. It follows a technical process whereas human translators have skill of choosing the right alternatives.

3. Human Translation has Better Consistency

Human translation has a way better flow in comparison to machine translation. Humans can understand the intent of the message whereas machines can only change the words. In website translation, you can’t take the risk of conveying an incorrect translation. Visitors will automatically turn to your competitors when the message doesn’t convey the brand message. In this case, with the professional qualities of translator, you can ensure the correct message is conveyed.

However, there would be many times when machine translation would seem sufficient, companies should still employ a professional to translate business documents to maintain accuracy with regards to the branding.

4. Evaluates The Source Text

Machine translation could provide you with translated documents fast but hiring a human translator will save more time. You might be thinking how? That’s because a human translator can translate texts that are written keeping in mind various possible meanings. To translate complicated texts, a human translator needs to go through the past word choices to get the correct translation.

Professional human translators will have the knowledge of the source language which will help them to analyze texts with various meanings. If such types of text are translated by a machine, you will have to invest more money and time to correct the words that are not translated properly and convey a wrong message.

On the other hand, a well-experienced human translator providing reliable linguistic quality in translation can do the same task 3 times faster. This will help you focus on more important situations in the business. Furthermore, the more experience and knowledge a translator has, the faster he or she can provide you with complete translation.


To compete in the global market, you need to find professional translators who have experience in your industry. Tridindia provides translations all around the world. Be it general, legal, medical, or technical documents, our skilled human translators have many years of experience in delivering top-notch translations at competitive rates.

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