Importance of Research Transcription: 4 Reasons Why Research Transcription is Important?

Today, the research industry is a very competitive place to be and companies have to work hard to make their place in such a huge competition. Although there are many things that a company should know the one vital skill a company must have is the ability to transcribe research source material properly.

If your research involves any interviews and note-taking then you need to understand that it is very important to maintain the information of research material properly by transcribing it accurately. Transcription gives you a written representation of the discussion held between the interviewer and individual, or the interviewer and group. All the printed or written versions of any research material can be transcribed efficiently to maintain its integrity. When someone does a research project during their career or education, interviews are likely to be held. If a project needs qualitative research, interviewing subjects can allow researchers to gain in-depth knowledge of their thoughts.

To make interviews more effective and beneficial, professional research transcription is very important.

Major Importance of Research Transcription

1. Decreases the Workload of Researchers

Generating reports and collecting data for research are both very essential. There would be some recordings involved many hours of interviews with more than 7 participants which when transcribed may turn into the information of 200 pages. Clearly, it is a huge workload for both, a research assistant and an intern. This needs a lot of time that could be spent on more important tasks. A professional transcription solution can help you handle such hefty workloads and bring out some positive results.

Their knowledge and experience in the transcription field allow them to generate transcripts without investing a lot of time. Also, the research transcription can be done according to the requirement of the researcher so that every information can be conveniently found when needed.

2. Get Every Detail Quickly & Increase Engagement

Noting down everything while staying engaged in a conversation is difficult, especially when the host is a fast talker or there are many people involved in the discussion, interview ,or meeting. It’s almost impossible to put focus on it while maintaining the notes. Here, you can put the burden of maintaining all the details on transcribers for effective interview transcription.

As an interviewer, you should spend your time listening and knowing your thoughts, rather than taking notes. Just put the recording on and record all the spoken words that can later be transcribed by a professional transcriber. This way you can stay engaged with the interviewee and have a good conversation. It will also help you to observe the actions and ideas of the interviewee to make a more informed decision.

3. Discover Patterns & Themes Easily

Without missing anything, transcripts provide the verbatim documentation of the discussion or interview that showcases the exact words spoken. Because qualitative research provides informative and varying responses, transcribing interviews or discussions can assist the researcher goes through the conversation properly after it is completed.

Most of the time, you can find variety in responses to the same question. In that case, researchers will make use of their expertise and analyze common themes and patterns to analyze the data. A written version of the interview from a reputed local transcription company will help a researcher to search through a keyword or phrase to get the information he/she is looking for, without going through the entire document.

This way you can highlight the words and phrases in the document and make it convenient to discover the patterns and common themes.

4. Share Research Findings With Others

Understanding the content directly from video or audio can look practical for a research team of one. But how will you manage when there are many researchers involved? If others need to review your work and offer guidance, it would be easy to share transcripts and make the research content accessible. Using accurate transcripts, a group of a research team can efficiently participate and go through the insights of a project.

With all this information, now you might know the major significance of transcription. A researcher who haven’t made use of transcription yet, need to make transcription a part of their process to make sure the project runs efficiently.

Wrapping It Up:

Recordings are an important part of the research, but it’s very easy recordings to get lost if they are not transcribed within time. Therefore, investing in transcription is very important to make the researcher’s life way easier. At Tridindia, we know the importance of transcription and is working in this field for many years.

Our team can help you transcript projects of all sizes to unburden the workload of researchers. To hire our solutions, call us at +91-8527599223 or send us an immediate quote.

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