Know the Importance of Russian Subtitling [7 Crucial Facts]

Around 85% of videos are watched without any sound. This is mostly a choice for many users. But for others, this is essential in order to consume the content. So, don’t you want to know the importance of Russian subtitling?

As per a survey, there are 137 million speakers of Russian in the Russian Federation and around 166 million all around the world. Plus, Russian is spoken in China, Canada, Germany, Finland, India, Greece, the US, and Israel. It is the world’s most spoken language. So, with this information, you might know how important Russian translation is. Russian subtitling is important to incorporate in your videos for many reasons. They assist you to convey your message to your target audience whatever the aim of the video is.

There are many situations in which you have to contact a subtitling company and get subtitling solutions. Here are some aspects that will show you the importance of proper subtitling.

Major Importance of Russian Subtitling

1. Consumer Preference

69 percent of consumers consider watching videos without sound when in public, and around 25% prefer to do so in private, as per a study by professionals. At the same time, about 80% of these consumers prefer videos that have subtitles in them.

2. Boosting Views of Your Videos

The significance of subtitling boosts video reach. Through subtitling, you can receive more text in the video content. Your hired subtitling company utilizes the chance to increase the content’s SEO. In this manner, subtitles provided by top-notch Russian language translation providers permit search engines to identify your video, giving you a bigger number of views.

3. Enhance Learning

Most of the world’s population are visual learners, at a massive 65%. For visual learners, video content is becoming a very beneficial educational tool for understanding appropriately the concepts that they could not grasp in class with traditional teaching techniques.

With the emergence of online learning resources, the internet is slowly becoming the best space for visual learners. These videos make learning interactive, fun, and visually very appealing. This can be beneficial, not only for visual learners but also for students who want to concentrate and need entertaining, quick teaching techniques to engage themselves and process the information.

If done correctly, you can immensely boost sales with subtitling. Obviously, it has the added bonus of increasing access to educational mediums for dead and hard of hearing learners. It is true that deaf or hard-of-hearing students get equal access to these new educational tools as their hearing peers.

4. Better Understanding of the Video

The same study by professionals uncovered that consumers prefer to watch videos with subtitles as they understand them really better. Not everyone learns in the same manner. Some people have to see things, while others have to listen. If the video has subtitles in it, you can be guaranteed that everyone will receive the intended message, regardless of their learning choice.

5. Enhancing Business on Social Media

The number of social media channels users is growing rapidly. Statistics represent that the number of social media monthly active users reached 2.6 billion people across the world this year. The biggest number of these users are mainly from India. Hence, posting online videos about your service assists you to market everything you are providing to an array of people.

Meanwhile, subtitling your videos is considered a clever move for expanding your business as you reach online audiences in various countries across the world. In this manner, through increasing the potential clients, you have a great possibility to expand your business.

But before you utilize subtitling, know the major signs your subtitling is wrong.

6. It’s a Smart Business Decision

Current data represents that 85% of social media users are watching video content without any sound. This is a massive number of people and from only one website. It is not a far leap to think that users watch videos the same manner on other websites. Hence, if you want to have many people watching your content, you should subtitle your video.

7. Not Everyone Speaks Your Language

It is important to speak to your customers in their native language. As there are many languages in the world from which Russian is the most demanding one, translating the subtitles on your video in the Russian language will assist you to reach many more people. Ensure you are aware of where your customers are based and what languages they speak. If your video has a wide range of subtitles in various languages, even better.

Are you a global brand or a small start-up planning to make the next leap to international clients? Whatever the size of your company, subtitling can definitely enhance your global potential. Furthermore, if you want the above-mentioned things for your business, then take those as the crucial signs you need subtitling.


If you want to incorporate subtitles in your videos then hiring professionals is important. Here at Tridindia, we excel in developing subtitles that improve your video content for a global audience. We are happy to assist you with generating the best-fitting subtitles for videos. Our expert team specializes in subtitling audio for multiple languages.

Hence, you can be sure that your video is done right and also will be understood by your targeted audience. To have more information, call us at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected]


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