Korean Game Localization: A Guide To Localize Your Game in Korean

Korean is among the best three Asian languages for game localization. Thus, the need for Korean Game Localization rises as South Korea provides game companies with endless opportunities.

South Korean gamers are well-known for dominating online games across other games.

As per some statistics:

The Korean game market has continued to grow. The market value is estimated to reach 23.46 trillion in 2023.
Over 71% of South Koreans play online games.
Gamers in South Korea spend around $75 per mobile game.

With the 4th largest gaming industry in the world, South Korea is preferably an obvious option for companies planning to enter the market through impactful video games localization.

But, it’s not easy to do. There are certain things to consider before beginning to localize the game.

Factors to Consider for Effective Korean Game Localization

Have a look at these essential factors to consider for effective Korean game localization to ensure success:

1- Right Words and Proper Sentence Structures

When localizing your Korean game, here are some grammar rules to follow:

Many English terms in sports are completely are widely used by Korean people. As such, translators frequently hold the English words in a translated text.

The language also includes the Chinese character “Hanja” in the language with Korean pronunciation.

The sequence of Korean words differs hugely from the sequence of English terms. If in Korean it is “Out of five, select three.”, in English it would be “Select three out of the five.”

The length of the Korean sentences can be longer than English sentences.

So, to ensure successful Korean translation of the gaming content, do take care of these points that make your game more interesting.

2- Focus on Honorifics

The language utilizes 7 levels of formality, now which one to choose is very tricky.

Only two out of these levels are utilized in Korean writing, which proves to be challenging when a script has to be turned into audio content.

To make sure the right honorifics level is utilized, take the assistance of a game localization services provider that has professional native Korean speakers available to do the translation.

3-  Build Interactive Game’s User Interface

When building the game’s user interface, do consider these points before comprehensive mobile game app localization that will have a huge impact on spacing:

Korean words are written from top to bottom or left to right. It can be applied to games that utilize older scripts.

One Korean character can need much space same as the two characters written in English. This can highly impact the space required, so planning ahead is very important.

4- Work on the Game’s Colors

While localizing a game to Korean, it is crucial to adapt all graphics in the game to ensure that they are culturally suitable. This involves focusing on the colour choices because every colour has its specific meaning in Korean culture.

In Korea, white represents purity, black means darkness and death. Also, red signifies luxury and quality.

5- Implement Socialization

For Korean players, games are more than just entertainment. Today, they are an ultimate source of socialization. Companies are now aware of effective video game localization and its importance as well as finding ways to add social aspects to their games.

Some of them are –

Allowing players to send messages to friends to join.
Add multiplayer options to Korean games so that more than one player can join.

Considering this factor will give you a competitive edge as many popular Korean mobile games enable users to sign in through social networks.

6- Localize the Pricing Structure

With every other thing, you need to localize prices as well. Make sure that the pricing structure matches the Korean currency of Won.

Besides, make certain that the prices are easy to understand by using the commas properly, utilizing whole numbers, and preventing decimal points. Such as using ₩500 rather than ₩500.00.

7- Hire the Localization Company

As the Korean game market is booming, the region is a powerful choice to consider for game localization.

To ensure the successful localization of your game, find a well known localization company in Delhi that has an excellent portfolio in associating with gaming companies and is equipped with Korean native speakers.

A professional localization expert localizes the game perfectly and assesses the game to eliminate errors to make your game launch-ready.


The gaming industry is thriving and the Korean game market is enabling to drive that surge. Companies that look into expanding their game’s reach should pay attention to the Korean market as a feasible option. Thus, before getting started, don’t forget to consider this essential information for Korean game localization.

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