6 Essential Legal Documents That Need Translation Right Now

Not every document needs the same level of translation treatment. While there are some documents that require a great level of attention during translation, there are also documents for which only a basic knowledge or translation or language is enough. Similar is the case with legal industry translation that fits in the former case.

It is one of the biggest translation challenges that the translators face today. Since the legal documents are very sensitive in nature, even the slightest mistake can be very perilous for the client. Hence, it is always advised to look for professional help.

But wait..!! Before getting started with translation, it is important to aware of the most important legal documents that require your urgent attention towards translation.

1- Patents

Patents are one of the most important documents that require high quality translation. Since it represents the intellectual property rights of an individual or a company, even a single word in a sentence can make a huge difference.

Many instances have been found where just a faulty line spacing or error in punctuation mark becomes the major reason of declaring the document as invalid.

This is why it is ideal to get successful patent translation for businesses by a specialized translator for successful foreign filing and patent litigation.

2- Contracts

Since a contract binds two or more parties with some terms and conditions, it becomes one of the most important legal document that should be translated. In case of breach of contract from any of the parties, the other party can take legal action against the breaching party.

But, what if the breaching party or the court where you need to produce a copy of the contract, belongs to a different language background than yours? The answer is simple.

You will have to look for urgent legal document translation so that you can get the contract translated within a very short time frame.

Also, ensure that the translation is handled by professional experts, or else you’ll fail to prove your point in the court.

3- Certificates

Certificates, like birth certificates, marriage certificates, child adopting certificates etc. are very important to be translated. They are important legal documents that need translation when shifting to a foreign country, applying for a visa, job or study abroad.

Any minor mistake in the translation of these legal documents can put your visa application (or others) at risk. Your certificates would be regarded as invalid by the foreign authorities.

4- Safety Guidelines

While working in a factory, certain safety guidelines are given to the workers. Failure in translating the guidelines in the language of the diverse workforce can lead to injuries and accidents.

Hence, to avoid such situations, it is advised to find legal translation expert who could help you translate the guidelines keeping in mind all the compliance requirements.

Apart from workers’ safety guidelines, these guidelines can also be for customers, who use a specific product. Often they are termed as manuals, but for products, like electronics, guidelines are provided to the end-customers.

5- Licenses

These legal documents prove that you meet certain standards certified by a governing body.

For example, professional licenses are required to perform a specific task in a foreign country. If you wish to teach overseas, you will need to take the assistance of the well known legal document translation company to get a translated teaching license to prove the foreign government that you are eligible for offering the professional services. 

Similar other license includes driver license, business license, import/export license etc.

6- Financial Records

Financial records too are a kind of legal documents, as any discrepancy in their translation is subject to legal action. When you wish to expand your business in a foreign country or want to reside there with your family, the foreign authorities will verify if you have a good financial background to manage all the expenses and support your business or family monetarily.

Hence, it becomes your need to translate the financial records with the help of a exceptional translation company in Pune.

Translating these documents is not an easy task since translating for the law is a very specialized field. When you research the market, you’ll be given the option of hiring a bilingual lawyer, instead of a bilingual legal translator.

Although the former option is not worthless, yet it would be very costly for you and may not be available for full-time attention to your project. On the contrary, translators working with a professional firm are always dedicated to your project, not costly, meet the deadlines and possess language expertise with practical industry knowledge.

So, if have any legal document that needs to be translated in any random language of the world, simply request a quote.

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