Medical Translation Cost: How to Determine the Cost of Medical Translation?

Want to hire a medical translator? But, don’t know what is the medical translation cost? This blog requires your kind attention.

Proper diagnosis becomes challenging for doctors, nurses as well as other healthcare professionals who don’t speak a similar language as the patient. The consequences could be as serious as errors in diagnosis, no proper treatment and even death.

Communication which surpasses borders is crucial in every industry, but it is specifically important in the medical field.

From assisting doctors and patients communicate to making sure that people understand how to rightly consume the pharmaceutical drugs, correct medical document translation is paramount to the healthcare industry.

But, what is the cost of the medical translation? Let’s find out several factors that are used to determine its cost.

How to Determine the Medical Translation Cost?

The factors that are considered before determining the cost of medical translation, include:

1- Know your intended audience:

Knowing your audience of a translation is quite crucial for the project because it will likewise determine how much the work will be.

For instance, be it a medical marketing pamphlet as well as a clinical trial research report, everyone has a unique audience as well as needs their own level of detail.

Thus, pricing would be quite different for premium medical industry translation.

2- Document Type:

Because more of the language solutions, the medical document type will also affect the cost.

While few medical translation is quite straightforward, others are way more complex like the document that additionally serve as legal papers.

This content involves consent forms, privacy practices, etc. Because of the level of detail in these documents, it is crucial to look for certified solutions.

3- Complexities:

Often, medical documents are extremely complex in nature. They involve terminologies which are very tough to comprehend.

The translator should be truly comfortable with translating medical-related information. Also, they need to address detailed diagnoses as well as treatment plans. This is crucial to ensure to avoid various mistakes in medical translation.

Remember, translating such technical documents needs the help of an expert.

4- Number of words:

As per the translation industry standard, every translation is priced per source word when feasible. The source word is the existing document language and these are just counted to infer the total cost.

On average, 1500-2000 words per day are produced by translators depending on the text’s complexity.

Medical translation rates will be highly communicated to you from the start of your dialogue with the translation solutions that you have selected.

Just send your document together along with all the guidelines and you will get a quote.

5- Languages Required:

The next thing that will be considered in pricing is the number of languages being translated. Besides this, the complexity of the language combinations is also taken into account. This is one of the key challenges of medical translation.

Few language combinations are quite complicated to translate as others. As a result, their translation requires some more time.

6- Turnaround Time:

The next thing that will be considered for the translation is turnaround time which will surely affect the price.

This is decided on the basis of the amount of work that is needed. To meet the deadlines within 24 hours, various professional translators need to work on the project.

7- Extra Costs

The rates will boost if your choose to add other services in the translation process.

From proofreading to formatting, everything cost you additional money, so you must specify them from the beginning to the translation company.

When it comes to urgent same day translation, these extra costs will be slightly higher because more translators will work on your medical documents.

Average Medical Translation Cost

The price range for translation of the medical text, since it mostly involves quite complex content as well as terminology is usually $0.12 to $0.40 per source word.

According to the prominent translation company in Bangalore, translation fees (per word) can cost around 20% more while costs are set as per the volume of the target text.

In Conclusion

Most countries require medical translation today for things such as labelling of medical devices, documents required for conducting clinical trials etc. This is why we introduced certain factors that strongly impact the cost. Do consider them when you have medical-related documents for translation into various languages.

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