Mobile App Localization Guide: How it is Influencing Online Businesses?

To understand the benefits and Importance of Mobile App Localization, you need to be sure of the depth of the topic first. Developers are actually flooding the market with their share of mobile apps. Some are useful and others are only gaining popularity for a shorter period of time. As most are available globally, mobile app localization is useful for users who can speak other languages just for enjoying the applications.

Right now, almost everyone gets the chance to own a cell phone. Also, everyone is using at least one or two apps. For many people, using an app has now become a daily routine whether for checking emails or watching videos, they do it all.

If you are a mobile app developer or marketer, you would surely want to increase your app’s exposure and visibility. To actually boost your potential reach, you’ll need to customize your app to satisfy the needs of various users belonging to different regions and that is only possible with an effective mobile app localization.

In this mobile app localization guide, you’ll get to know everything about mobile app localization in depth.

An Introduction to Mobile App Localization

Mobile app localization enables you to simply go beyond the user base and reach a global market. This lets you maximize your downloads, have a great edge over the competition, and boost sales.

Mobile app localization enables you to customize your app on the basis of different demographics, appealing to new audiences, and unlocking new doors for you didn’t have any idea about, improving your overall growth when it comes to sales and revenue.

Various apps launch on daily basis by businesses in different sectors to find a way to connect with multilingual audiences. On average, around 70,000 new Android apps are released in the Google Play Store and around 32,000 new iOS apps are released in the Apple App Store every month.

Types of Mobile Apps

In this market, you will clearly come across so many types of apps, giving rise to perfect mobile game app localization as well. Some are actually built-in with the smartphones and others are for free for you to avail for yourself.

You might have to pay a price for others from online stores like Amazon, Google Play or Apple Store. Some apps over here are proprietary and available from multiple companies for specified uses. We have listed some of the notable ones as used now, modern days.

Social media apps are becoming popular among users, which can prove to be ubiquitous like Snapchat, FB, IG or even Pinterest.

Then you have lifestyle apps, designed to define your present lifestyle. Some of these options will definitely include travel, food, dating and music. Want some examples? Well, you have Trip Advisor, Uber, Spotify and more.

The travel-based navigation apps are gaining quite some popularity among the masses. They are used to help users in getting directions, traffic analysis, route planning and more. Waze and Google Maps are prominent examples. The accurate localization helps in localizing these apps to make them consumable for multilingual users.

Then you have utility mobile apps, which are mostly pre-installed on some portable communication devices like flashlights, calculators, weather, calendar and even reminders. They are used but for a shorter span of time.

The market is craving for the game mobile and entertainment apps, which are quite competitive in real life. These mobile games are substantial examples of revenue earners and some groups might even hold worldwide tournaments through the same platform.

Another popular example is of the productivity mobile app. These are like an extension of the work environment of a person, where some tasks are well accomplished while on the go. Many executives and office workers will install these apps like Wunderlist, Evernote, Google Sheets, Google Docs and Wallet or pay.

There is also huge importance of localization in localizing the news outlet or informative mobile apps. These options are mandatory for people looking for the right information readily at one touch of their finger. Most of the information is understandable and easy to navigate. Some examples over here are LinkedIn Pulse, Smartnews, Freedly, Google News and Weather, Buzzfeed, Flipboard and then you have Reddit.

The majority of these apps have gone through the task of mobile app localization. However, there are some available, which are quite popular for the non-English speakers and in the social media category. Some examples of such shots are Sina Weibo, WeChat and even Renren. They are further making some waves among the Chinese based social media users.

In Japan, you have the Line and then you have Kakao Talk in Korea and VKontakte, taking over the networking sites in Europe. Taringa is mostly targeting social media users in Latin America and then you have Tuenti as an FB alternative for the Spanish people.

Mobile App Localization For International Audiences:

The current language barrier is one of the major issues plaguing multiple industries and sectors. In the current mobile app industry, it is hard to find a guarantee that every app created will be rather successful in this market.

Even though, it might be a bit essential that app developers should remember to head for the major translation challenges and localization for capturing international audiences. So, there are some aspects for better consideration.

Millions of people globally will download apps on a daily basis. Interestingly, the users might develop and then install various apps but will also uninstall at a frequent rate if they don’t use them.

Some data and results from Statista clarify that for the upcoming years, mobile downloads will be quite a lot. Also, there will be around 258.9 billion apps in working projections. Then you have another record from Comscore, which has listed out top-notch 10 mobile apps by penetration on Android and IOS platforms.)

1). Facebook with 81%
2). YouTube with 71%
3). FB Messenger with 68%
4). Google Search with 61%
5). Google maps with 57%
6). IG with 50%
7). Snapchat standing at 50% as well
8). Google Play at 47%
9). Gmail at 44%
10). And lastly, Pandora at 41%

In order to understand why make your content global with localization to survive in today’s interconnected business world, we have compiled some of the facts that will make you rework your global growth strategy.

The first one is Brazil with 12 apps
Then you have India with 11 and China with the same count on IOS only
The USA is that 10+ and Japan and UK following the same notion
Then you have Germany, Mexico and South Korea at 10
Finally, you have France with 9 apps

So, if you are holding the post of a mobile developer and intent to make it available at a global session, then you have to consider the app translation strategy first. Always remember that a huge deal of people will not even be English speaking natives. Remember that working on the top 10 languages while developing mobile app is important for you.

Do you know over 50% of all queries on Google are in different languages other than only English? This means that developers should never overlook that language plays a major role in the success of the app in the global arena. English speakers will not only download the app in foreign languages. As a result, they may need credible app localization solutions in multiple languages.

It is further stated that around 72% of the potential app users will not speak English. It is, therefore, proven to be quite critical that mobile app developers should prepare for mobile app localization during planning its creation stage.

They should target other countries apart from Most english speakers countries as well. It is also further natural for the users and developers to use their native language for the app but as most of them are intended for international use, they have to be localized. Now the question remains with the language, that a developer should use for targeting maximum count.

Top Mobile App Localization Languages:

If you are planning on getting the language translation helps in avoiding culture clash and trying to gain a lot from the app, then there are some top app localization languages waiting for you to grab. Some of those major options are English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Malay.

It means that the marketers around here working on these top ten languages will be offering the richest source of revenues in terms of mobile apps. They are able to attract the speakers of these languages by paying them while downloading the app.

Increasing Need For Mobile Apps:

Using around two or at least one mobile apps has become quite a normal thing these days. It is no way to escape the usefulness of tablets and mobile phones, mainly for business executives and students. The current features of the smartphone to this day have turned gadgets into much more than simply messaging or calling.

PRO TIP: To ensure your mobile app deliver the right information in different language more accurately, look for a reliable localization company equipped with a proven track record and excellent resources.

These apps are widely used nowadays for cooking, shopping, business, education, banking, communication and even for the entertainment purpose. Every facet of people’s life will have a corresponding mobile app. These apps are designed to make lives a lot easier for maximum people.

Importance Of Mobile App Localization:

As there has always been an increasing demand for mobile app, it is vital to get them localized. You can look for the habits of a successful translator and that of a localization expert for that. This localization service helps in enabling apps to fit right into the needs of people speaking this language.

Localization primarily means changing the units, currencies, calendars and more into proper formats. Right now, mobile apps have been your tools for marketing and localization will primarily ensure the right products coming your way. The information of the items will be in a language you can understand well.

The trusted localization company in Delhi understands the growing need for localization and thus provides worldwide companies with high-quality localized content.

Choose Your Language Service Provider:

It is vital for you to catch up with the best localization expert for help and for that the language service provider needs to be a talented one. It will need more than just managing all components of the app. It has to deal with the backend database, content, audio, image, branding and marketing to name a few.

So, you are always invited to catch up with us at TridIndia and get the localization help you need over here. To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote.

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