Multilingual Dubbing and Its Importance [5 Crucial Reasons]

Creating any kind of video content is a difficult task. When you need to market this audio to a global audience, the importance of dubbing becomes even more powerful. Using dubbing can make a huge difference in the quality of the audio and increases the professionalism of the audio. Multilingual dubbing adds the scope of marketing the same content to the audience from a different country. Each of them will be able to understand the content in their ways, thus your product will reach out to a broader audience. 

The companies need to know what dubbing can do to their videos. To understand the importance of dubbing let us dig deeper.

Importance of Multilingual Dubbing in Various Industries


1. e-Learning

With the advancement in technology, E-learning has come of age and is becoming the new normal. Dubbing for e-learning is now being integrated more and more to increase the global outreach of any educational content. Professionals have now understood the importance that dubbing can play in expanding their network. You may hire multilingual dubbing in Mumbai for your e-learning platform if you are looking forward to increasing the reach. E-Learning is now being actively used both as supplemental and also as an alternative to conventional teaching methods. It also allows these platforms to speed up the process of providing products and services.

Unless viewers are good at paying attention, people can’t pay attention to the scene while reading the subtitles on the bottom. It often keeps them half immersed in the film. A dubbed audio in their native language keeps the audience engaged with the content in a better way.

2. Audio Books

Dubbing of audio books has been done for a long time. Some people love to hear books in their native language. Businesses are now realizing immense importance of dubbing and hence are trying to capture the market in each country. Audio book has a large market among the people of the blind community. An audio book dubbing calls for a different set of skills in comparison to other commercial dubbing. There is an added effort of figuring out the pronunciation and working through the editing in the studio. Even for a trained expert it takes a long time and brings a book to life.

Recording sound on location is a hectic task, specifically when it as an outdoor shoot. To increase the quality of audio in films, often scenes are shot and then the audio is dubbed with the actors in the studio to retain the quality.

3. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are conquering business to market or introduce any product or service. When a business needs to expand their market and they are restricted on budget, many times they use dubbed audio on the same video to increase the outreach. They are typically short and thus convey the same meaning. They sit on your website and acts out as the marketing funnel. It can demonstrate your audience form all around the world that how your product offers a solution to their daily life. With dubbed audio, cultural relevance can also be increased. By understanding what is the role of dubbing the explainer videos can be filmed in a better way.

4. Promotional Videos

Videos are a significant source of traffic on any site. It means if you want to promote your company, the best way is through a short video. Producing an exceptional video still costs a lot and doing so in multiple languages is not everyone’s cup of tea. We do have come ahead in terms of technology, yet there is no replacement for talent. You may be trying to promote sales, give information or give advice regarding any product that will help create interest in your brand. If you know what is dubbing, they can reach to a massive audience.

Video will account for up to 82% of all the IP traffic by 2021. It was 73% in 2016. Thus, we look at the growth curve it is clear that video is soon to become the most marketable approach.

5. IVR

Integrated voice response is becoming casual for call handling due to heavy traffic on customer support. It is the time you can make the right brand impression by making your customer prospects more engaged. Thus dubbing IVR will make sure that your customer services get improved on dealing with particular issues.


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