What is the Role of Consecutive Interpretation for Business Owners?

Consecutive interpretation is one of the most common and popular interpretation types. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter converts the word said by the speaker into the native language after the speaker has delivered two or three sentences, or sometimes even a paragraph. The speaker in this type of interpretation waits for the interpreter to convey the message before they continue their speech further.

The consecutive interpreter in this format has time to take down the notes to remember everything that the speaker has said. Because of the start and stop during the presentation, the meeting can last longer than usual.

Role of consecutive interpretation in various Scenarios


1. Meetings For Multilingual Staff

With expanding their businesses globally, many times English is not the only language of communication. The interpreter in these meetings listens to what the speaker has said and takes note. After a while, they translate it to the native language. Many times when going for business deals you will need a multilingual interpreter to convey your thoughts properly. There is professional interpreter for business communication, you need to choose the one according to the need of your meetings.

Consecutive interpretation is good for a smaller gathering or one on one meetings where the natural conversation allows for pauses to interpret.

2. Press Conferences and Personal Interviews

When interviewing a foreign personality, there can be a need for an interpreter if the person is not familiar with the native language. We have seen this many times in sports event where players need an interpreter for their speech. During press conferences, there is a similar situation where an interpreter has to translate whatever the speaker is saying for the viewers to understand. Press conferences sometimes need simultaneous interpretation, thus knowing simultaneous vs consecutive interpretation allows a person to make better decisions for their meetings according to their needs.

3. Conferences Among Teachers And Parents

Nowadays, the scope of global education is increasing. Several kids now prefer foreign studies. Not all parents are comfortable speaking in English and are only comfortable communicating in their native language. It makes the need for an interpreter who can create effective communication between the teachers and the parents.

The interpreter has to focus on note-taking and should be good with memorization. The system of taking notes develops with experience, training and practice once consecutive interpreter notes may or may not be legible to other interpreters.

4. Meeting Between Attorneys And Clients

Big businesses can get involved in foreign trouble. They have to deal with foreign advisers in this case. Having an interpreter by your side will allow you to communicate every detail of the matter with your attorney in a better way. Thus, it can be the root of effective communication. The role of the interpreter, in this case, is to understand all the nitty-gritty of the case as their client has explained and narrate it exactly to the attorney. If you are having a proceeding in Delhi you will need to get consecutive interpretation in Delhi to communicate effectively with your lawyer.

5. Court Dispositions

These interpreters will be carried forward to the court proceedings and will allow the client to understand what is being said. Many times they get the opportunity to speak their mind during court depositions, in this case having an exceptional interpreter by your side will allow you to communicate your thoughts quickly.

The delivery is more emotional and fluent. A consecutive interpreter has time to prepare for nuances of language and choose their words carefully.

6. Medical Interviews and Consultations

While getting foreign treatment patients are often advised to have an interpreter with them. When communicating with a doctor having an interpreter allows you to understand the complicated terminology doctors use. Also, you will be able to explain your problem in a better way with a professional interpreter by your side. Once the patient understands benefits consecutive interpretation, they rely on their interpreter to explain the difficulties and feel they are being treated better.

7. Tour and Travels

The role of the interpreter in the tourism industry is not only to explain to the tourists about the place they visit but also make their stay safe and comfortable. Having an interpreter will mean that you will grasp much more information about the place and will also be able to clarify any doubts right at the moment.


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