Why is Simultaneous Interpretation So Important For Any Business?

With expanding businesses, several multinational meetings and conferences now require simultaneous interpretation. It is the most common form of interpretation and is also significantly hard. The interpreter has to translate what has been said by the speaker within the time allowed. It has to be done at the speaker’s pace and should not break the natural flow of speech. There is no waiting time between what the speaker has said and what interpreter has translated. A short pause is allowed to the interpreter to process the words said.

This type of interpretation is used at the United Nations. Presidential speeches also use simultaneous interpretation.

Major Importance of Simultaneous Interpretation

1. Efficient Communication

Simultaneous interpretation offers all the delegates equal opportunities to put forward their points. They will also be able to understand what has been said in their language. Now as more people are understanding what is simultaneous interpretation they are opting for the services to communicate in a better way.

It is an interactive way of communication where no one is left out due to the communication barrier.

2. Entirety of Communication

The interpretation of what is said happens in real-time, the advantage of this form of communication is that no message gets lost. It allows all the participant of any event to choose whatever they want to say and present their views in their language. With interpretation, the conclusion of any debate can be done right away without any delay due to misunderstanding of what is said. There is a big role of simultaneous interpretation in delegate level meetings.

3. Better Result

International events require a great deal of effort in putting everything together. Having an interpretation facility at the conference can avoid any disappointing outcome due to ineffective communication. Consecutive interpreting provides less accuracy, while simultaneous interpretation can be highly accurate. If you are planning an event to get reliable simultaneous interpretation in Mumbai for your large event.

4. Consumption of Information

The biggest benefit of simultaneous interpretation is that it allows the audience to consume the information very quickly. While hearing the information in their mother tongue the people will be able to relate to what is being said in a better way. Also, when the flow of the presentation is smooth, the audience will not be distracted while listening.

5. Saves Time

Simultaneous interpretation saves time of having to translate all the documents and speeches at a later stage. It will almost be impossible to distribute them to participants at a later stage to put forward their views on time. Time is the most essential thing in any international event. All significant event managers know the importance of simultaneous interpretation and have started having multilingual interpreter as a permanent part of their events.

Real-time interpretation makes sure that everyone can raise their concerns right away. Putting forward views will only be possible when everyone knows what is being discussed.

6. Accuracy

While consecutive interpretation depends on what interpreter remembers from the speech when referring to their notes, simultaneous is all about what is being said in real-time. No matter how accurate consecutive interpretation is, there is always a bias. It is more like the reproduction of the speech. Simultaneous interpretation, in this case, is a much reliable and trustworthy form of communication.

7. Multilingual Communication

Simultaneous interpretation is very successful, especially when there are delegates of multiple languages. Sometimes the communication takes place in real-time not necessarily in two languages. It can be multilingual as well. Having a multilingual interpreter in these cases can help convey the message properly and smoothly without any gap in time. Thus everyone can express their emotions in a native language and have effective communication in real-time.


By getting effective interpretation services for your event, you will increase the decorum of your firm. It is all about honing and practical experience. With an increasing number of international events around the world and growing prominence of making a statement with your speech, the role of simultaneous interpretation has become more prominent than ever. Tridindia provides talented professionals who have years of experience. Our team can interpret for a variety of business meetings, conferences in more than 100 languages.

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