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If you work with video content, you likely deal with subtitles. But if you are still on the outside looking in, there are some reasons you should be kept into account. Whether it is to abide by local laws, gather a global audience, or boost engagement, subtitling is necessary. Why?

As you continue to expand your business, consider the aspects you will need to serve a wider audience- particularly, an international customer base. You require an easy method to connect with audiences- regardless of geography and language. Video marketing is a very powerful solution to reach an international audience. When you pair your video with the correct promotion plans, you can increase your reach by just hiring accurate subtitling services in Delhi.

Additionally, with advantages like increased lead generation as well as higher customer engagement because of a wider reach, your customer base, as well as revenue, will experience growth.

Know-How Subtitling Can Power Your Business

1. Increases user engagement

There is only a 3-second window to engage viewers with your video content. If they are not interested in the first 3 seconds, they are gone. One study showed that there was an instant 14% increment in engagement when just including subtitles to videos on social media. Facebook reported that including subtitles to their video boosted video by 12%. Plus, adding subtitles to videos online massively assists with search engine optimization. Subtitling videos are indexed by both YouTube and Google by searching the metadata, boosting views as well as assisting your content move up in search rankings.

With video content averaging 150 words per minute, just imagine how much more information you can include in your search results. The professional language service providers can assist you in subtitling with their skills and knowledge.

2. Grows Your Audience

If your video content is viewed by wider audiences at once- such as ads that play during opening credits of films- consider including subtitles. Text is burned into the film so subtitles do not need manual activation by audiences. Text always occurs on these videos. Subtitling makes sure that no matter the audience, they can understand and access your video.

Including subtitles in your videos enables you to cater to global viewers. Subtitles make video content way more accessible. To make your audience understand your video content, you should use various types of translation.

3. Increases Savings

The cost savings to your video and marketing budgets are huge as you scale video marketing with subtitles. Instead of hiring new actors, filming various versions, and translating scripts of the same video, you just make one video per campaign and then include subtitles. Regardless of where customers are located, they can relate to your videos as they understand the content.

To understand your cost savings, determine your subtitles budget. According to the languages you use for subtitling, compare the cost of the service per minute to what you are currently spending. The money you save here can be utilized in other sections of your production budget. To have an affordable subtitling solution, ensure you know how to choose translation agency for professional work.

4. Helps To Reach People Watch Mobile Videos Without Sound

Facebook alone claims that 85% of its videos are watched without sound. Why is this? For one, it can save your valuable bandwidth. But more specifically, it is easier for those in very quiet or noisy environments. In noisy places, you cannot hear the sound anyway, while in quiet places like public transportation or an office, you don’t want to disturb others. Publishers and marketers have already started responding to this trend, filing their video with subtitles to keep users engaged.

5. Improves Social Media Campaigns

Finally, it’s difficult to determine your video marketing efforts without social media. There are many daily active users at your fingertips, so sharing videos on social assists in increasing your global reach. Social media does not play an important role in attracting people; it is also a major channel for using subtitles.

On Facebook alone, 85% of videos are viewed without any sound. Audiences, regardless of where they are located, can still follow along and understand every video’s context. And you can turn new audiences into long-term customers.

It is estimated that there are around 700 million people all across the world who are hearing-impaired. In many countries, it is essential by law to offer subtitles for top-notch translation help within multiple mediums. However, they are not the only ones that get an advantage from subtitled videos. Some reports show that 80% of those who utilize subtitles have no hearing impairments. So why are they viewing with subtitles? Many said they viewed muted videos with subtitles to not bother their sleeping partners, while others utilize them to view videos that feature speakers with strong international accents.

Wrapping It Up:

From a marketing standpoint, including subtitles to your video content is an efficient strategy that boosts SEO, increases retention, drives traffic, expands your audience, and boosts engagement around social platforms. Whether you are a small business owner or a marketing executive, Tridindia can help you in adding subtitles to your videos and add value to your content massively.

If you need professional subtitling experts, call us at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected]


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