Hiring a Transcription Agency: Everything You Need to Know

Are you seeking a high quality and new transcription agency to work with? To make sure you are getting the best service possible, it is always essential to thoroughly go through all the recorded statement transcription agencies prior to signing any contract. But how do you know what to consider while hiring a transcription agency?

If you are in need of transcription solutions, you have many options. Many companies across the globe offer accurate transcription in a number of different forms. As you look for a provider, it can be complicated to get one that fits your particular needs with respect to turnaround time, cost, and accuracy.

That is why it is important to know all attributes of good transcription services in Mumbai and how can you find the one that perfectly fits your needs appropriately.

Things To Know While Hiring A Transcription Agency

1. Level of Expertise

When hiring transcriptions, a smart practice is to do some research. You need to know the standard level of expertise that the transcription agency has in your field or industry of interest. You might be tempted to contract a company that provides transcription options in a wide range of fields, however, they may not be able to generate quality work due to a lack of expertise in any of the industries. It is essential for your business that the high-quality English transcription of your data is done professionally as well as accurately.

Transcriptionists who are professionals in a specific area will have a far better understanding of the jargon, nuances, and experience specific to that industry.

2. High-accuracy Rate

When making use of experienced transcription, you are sure of getting a high level of accuracy. The company would know how to manage files and the perfect way to transcript all your business documents appropriately. The truth remains that although your staff might be able to achieve something, a professional’s work will be way more accurate and superior.

Most transcription services have skilled and trained transcriptionists that are experienced in different industries, which will allow you to make use of one that is knowledgeable in your area of specialization. Your transcription company would ensure that you are satisfied with your work. So, make use of the crucial importance of transcription appropriately.

3. Turnaround Time and Scheduling

Another essential thing to inquire about when hiring a transcription company is their turnaround time. Are they set guidelines as to how many days a file should take time to be transcribed before it is delivered or is the schedule open-ended? It is vital to vary of any agency that leaves the timeframe open as it could signal delays in your project, which might be a deal-breaker for your company. You will also want to know whether or not they provide any type of urgent ordering. Working with a company that provides such type of service can be important during moments when an unexpected incident comes up that leaves you in a difficult spot.

Find out what their policy is on urgent orders and the quickest turnaround time possible. Also, see if there is a simple process for encouraging these types of orders. Can you submit the urgent orders online or do you have to call up customer support? The former process is much more convenient. To know it better, understand what is transcription for global businesses.

4. Dealing with a Varying Workload

For many businesses, the workload differs day by day because of various reasons. Taking into consideration the changes in the workload with your business, you should consider whether the transcription will be able to maintain a steady pace with your workload, be it a surprisingly slower one or a hectic season. Business owners mostly have to stay on top of an intense workload and manage any projects that arise. It is always great to know if the service providers have sufficient staff to facilitate the work without any disturbance if there are changes to the number of tasks needed.

5. Experience and Knowledge

Most transcription agencies have professional transcriptionists that have their area of specialty. These transcriptionists have the knowledge and understand all the technical know-how needed for your business.

When working with experts, they would ensure to connect you to someone who knows your business well, making it a little convenient for your work to get done on time as well as accurately.

6. Request Sample Projects

Before delving into a contract with any transcription solution, you should ask to look at their previous works or projects to see if their work is of as high quality as they say. While you can always ask the service providers to see their earlier projects, it is good to ask around with their existing customers about their satisfaction or lack of it with the transcribed document they paid for. You should also know the role of transcription for the growth of your business.

Wrapping It Up:

When selecting a provider for your outsourced transcription needs, there are many aspects you must consider. If you follow the guidelines mentioned in the article while outsourcing your transcription solutions, you can make sure you get the best possible services for your requirements.

At Tridindia, we have a team of highly-skilled transcribers who offer accurate and error-free transcriptions. Contact us today at +91-8527599223 or mail us at [email protected]


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