What is the Purpose of Subtitling? [Did You Know?]

Don’t you prefer watching movies or web series with subtitles? Nowadays, video content is becoming demanding. With the emergency of global streaming platforms, the subtitling industry is observing huge demand. So, what is the purpose of subtitling?

As per a data, in 2021, around 80% of online traffic will be generated from visual content which will ultimately boost the demand for translation and 84% video content on social media is mostly played without sound. Therefore, subtitles are becoming important. It is a no-brainer then that using videos as part of your communication plan assists reach potential customers.

But what happens if, after having made an original and effective video, shared it on social media, and optimized the description and title, the outcome is not as expected? Maybe you have overlooked a crucial consideration that is prominent subtitling.

The Purpose of Subtitling

1. Improves Comprehension

People learn in various methods. Some learn best through executing. Other by just watching. Still others via listening. And if your audience are not visual learners, they are not going to get as much benefit from your video as you want. That is where subtitles comes into play. People who learn best through reading will get more out of your videos if they have subtitles. The combination of text and videos is strong, and appeals to many people than just video.

In fact, many people prefer watching videos with subtitles even if they do not have to. A quick search presents that many people use subtitles provided by trustworthy language service providers when they are watching videos, even if they are native speakers of the actual language. They just understand it way better.

Even if those people could view without subtitles, they will appreciate that you tried to add value to your customer experience.

2. Accessibility

Around 5% of the world’s population experience disabling hearing loss, as per the WHO. Without subtitles in a video, a major part of the world’s population would not be able to understand it. Hence, putting subtitles on a video makes it accessible to an array of people. Being accessible to a major chunk of audience is essential. But there are also laws that have to be considered. There are some major subtitling checklist that you need to know for greater accessibility.

3. Viewers Are More Engaged

Professionals found that 80% more people prefer videos that have subtitles. Videos without subtitles were watched to 66% to completion, in comparison to 91% with subtitles on average. Obviously, these are correlations, and the cause is open to translation. But 80% is a stat that you cannot ignore. If there is a possibility that subtitle assist videos get more views, you should invest your money and time it takes to subtitle it.

4. Not Everyone Speaks Your Language

It is important to speak to your customers in their native language. As there are around 7000 different language in the world, translating the subtitles on your view will assist you reach many people. Ensure you know where your customers are located and what languages they communicate in. If your videos has subtitles in various languages, even better. This shows the essential role of translation.

5. Increases Video Social Reach

According to a survey, subtitled videos has 16% more reach than those without. They had 17% better reactions, 15% more shares, and 26% more call-to-action. Basically, they performed better on each measure that matters. Combine that with the fact that more videos are being watched if they have subtitles, and the take-away becomes clearer. Subtitles make a huge difference in how people see and engage with your videos.

6. Consumer Preference

Around 69%of consumers prefer watching videos without any sound when in public, and 25% prefer to do so in private, as per a study. At the same time, 80% of these consumers watch videos with subtitles.

Including subtitles to your video is not very hard- it just takes time as well as practice. And it might not look like it is worth it when you just want to share your videos. But you have seen that top benefits of subtitling company includes boost in accessibility, improved engagement, and even enhanced SEO.

There is really nothing to lose. It is time to invest in subtitles.


Now, you might know how important subtitling is. At Tridindia, we work with audiovisual professionals that translate any multimedia content, and also subtitle it. This type of solutions makes it possible for videos and audios to become accessible and comprehensive for any market you are targeting. Our professionals can adapt any multimedia content and translate it so you can deliver your audience attractive materials.

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