Why Quality Assurance in Transcription Services is Must?

Not everyone is aware of the importance of quality in transcription services for an audio file. However, every transcriber knows that it is very essential to make an accurate transcription. Now, just imagine achieving an audio file with much background noise that massively overpowers the already silent speakers. Isn’t it be really bad for your brand?

Experienced and highly skilled transcriptionists with appropriate industry knowledge are the beginning point of a successful transcription quality control process. The vendor invests a lot of time recurring qualified transcriptionists and delivering extensive initial and ongoing training. Customers mostly ask about human audio transcription and it is worth highlighting here. This is rapidly improving and some transcription vendors are starting to utilize the talents from all around the world.

As of now, human transcription services in Chennai are still the perfect medium for quality transcription.

Importance Of Quality In Transcription Solution

An overview of transcription just showcases three different level processes, which are recording, dictation, and transcribing. Though there are only three processes broadly, transcription needs a detailed level of quality assurance process before delivery. The most essential component of transcription is quality. Quality in transcription can be rather mentioned as accuracy. Accuracy is the root for success in transcription. The transcript or the text format should be as accurate as what was said in the video or audio file.

1. Accuracy Is Crucial To Meaning

Obviously, if someone is investing the money to convert audio into a transcript, the content is very essential, and hence requires to be transcribed appropriately with the help of top-notch audio transcription. One small mistake and the entire meaning of a sentence can be changed. This is reliable around the fields, from medical tor research to legal transcripts. If one word is mistranscribed it may compromise the actual meaning of a sentence, and for many researchers deriving meaning from interviews is the purpose of transcripts.

Correctly typing medical terms or medicines in doctor’s letters could make an important difference for patients. When it’s a matter of legal documents, misquoting may be dangerous. This is the reason why it is essential for the typist to be specialized in specific fields and hence familiar with vernacular.

2. Quality Transcription Matters

By now you know what is video transcription for audio content and have likely observed that most transcription vendors advertise transcript quality of 98% or greater than that. The 98% threshold is an industry-standard and we thought it would be worth it to share how vendors perfectly and consistently deliver on this promise. Having a thorough, reliable method in place is foundational to managing the consistency and quality of the transcription. Experts know that insurance subrogation and SIU teams have to be able to confidently depend on the transcripts they use. A small mistake in transcribing the fact of loss, for instance- could make the difference between losing and winning in arbitration. Quality matters.

Executing a transcript needs a reliable process, expertise, and an overarching plan to pull all the pieces together. It starts by hiring experienced transcriptionists, maintaining a strong team, and then trying it all together with great customer service.

3. Editing a Transcript Takes Time

Your time is really valuable. Outsourcing transcription is mostly done to save time as well as resources. Furthermore, English transcription important for your business. Naturally, professional typists can generate a transcript in the fraction of the time it would take the average individual. The general public types around 40 words every minute in comparison to an experienced typist who types around 65-75 words per minute. The same thing goes for editing a transcript. The more misheard or mistaken words, the more grammatical issues- the more time it will take you to fix. This is the reason why we make sure every transcript is not only typed by professional typists but also carefully edited by our high-quality assurance team so that our customers can save their resources and time for more essential things.

Your time is genuinely valuable. Outsourcing transcription is often done to save resources as well as time. Naturally, experienced typists can produce a transcript in the fraction of the time it would take the average person.

4. Simple Errors Can Cause Big Problems

Transcripts are appropriate for different reasons and are mostly shared with colleagues, clients, shareholders, or even the public. A transcript that holds spelling mistakes or grammatical errors seems unprofessional and typos may badly showcase the information in the transcript. For instance in a financial report, mistyping could have a major issue. A high-quality native transcription for video file makes sure the information is presented in a fabulous and professional manner.

To save your time, make sure accuracy and prevent issues ensure to consider quality when selecting your transcription solution.


98% accuracy is a high standard, but by hiring professional transcriptions, maintaining a strong team, and offering fabulous customer service, these standards are achievable each day. Highly accurate recorded statement transcripts are important for the top businesses. Tridindia carries the responsibility to offer high-quality transcripts each time.

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