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If you are one of the companies that create video content, then your audience might have seen your videos. But have you ever thought about the audience from Russia watching your content? Without Russian video translation, if any audience speaking the Russian language come across your video will likely go to some other video once they realize they can’t understand it. And there are millions of Russian speakers around the world which means you will lose a good chunk of viewers.

In today’s competitive age, the demand of video is growing day by day as many companies are now planning to go global. The importance of video has begun to get the limelight and businesses are now realizing the benefits they can get from it. Consumers view videos that are easy to comprehend, engaging, enjoyable, and trustworthy. Companies take video translation as the most effective medium as its ability to increase profits and sales.

This is the major reason why quality video translation is essential.

Reasons to Translate Video into Russian Language

1. Better Comprehension:

The majority of people prefer viewing videos that are translated into their native language. According to a survey, many people prefer watching videos, movies, or TV shows in their own language. It is because they understand everything better when conveyed in their native language.

2. Customers Feels Valued

There are around 360 million people who speak their own language. When you share your videos in only the English language, then you are probably losing many potential clients. Translating your videos through professional translation solutions will show how much you value your clients. Consumers tend to be more loyal to your business when they feel really valued. Apart from this, they will also somehow to promote your brand by telling their friends and relatives about you.

3. Improve Your Audience Reach Substantially

Translating your videos gives you the accessibility to a genuine 95% audience. Survey shows that including only the English language in your videos will restrict you from reaching 60% of your audience.

If you observe the video market situation today, you will find that there is a massive increase in the number of non-English videos. It is clearly indicating that more non-English speakers are viewing videos.

So, if you do not do accurate video translation for global customers, you will not be able to engage the Russian users and this will reduce your viewership.

4. Viewers Engagement Increases

There is quick research that shows that viewers are more likely to get engaged if the video is translated in comparison to the non-translated videos. 75% of people watch the video till the end if it is in their native language.

5. Stand Out Against Competitors

Companies still are not preferring to use video translation as a marketing strategy when 75% of customers are more likely to prefer purchasing from a brand that speaks in their native language. Not only you will stand out from your competitors through video translation, but you will also increase the chance of boosting sales. People tend to invest more in their own language for any product or service. Therefore, you should attain the major benefits of working with translators.

Basically, the reason to offer your content in your target market’s native language is that sales are more secure in comparison to competitive discount prices.

6. Supports SEO

Apart from reaching a bigger audience, translation also helps you in SEO. If organic search is something you look after, then translating your video can do wonders as search engines can crawl the text and rank the sites that are more loved by the users.

If you generate videos that are published on your sites then you should search for a well-experienced translation company. They will have the expertise and knowledge to translate any type of video into your preferred language.

Here the plus point is that you won’t get penalties from Google in case of duplicate content, as it would be in a different language. But keep in mind, that this is only applicable if the translation is done by a professional who will maintain high translation quality standards.


Poor quality translation will only encourage misunderstanding and miscommunication, and it will also lead to legal action if the translation is inaccurate. Partnering with a reputed video translation company like Tridindia will allow you to reach a wider audience and will help to appropriately convey the message or information in the language you want. Our professional translation team makes sure that accuracy and quality is present are every translated video.

Reach us right away to understand our process of translating video content for your target audience. Call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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