What is Social Media Content Translation? [An Ultimate Guide]

Nearly 4 billion people use social media. Looking at these numbers, it’s for sure that you will definitely need social media content translation for more exposure.

Globalizing your content on social media is crucial for reaching international markets.

You will be a little shocked to know that 68% of users aged between 18-24 read information shared on social media before making any buying decision.

People mainly search about a product on SERPs and 45% of search engine results turn up social media content.

If you are still confused about the power of social media content translation provided by a successful translation company for your business, this post is for you.

What is Social Media Content Translation?

Let’s start from the basics, what exactly social media content translation is? To put it simply, social media content translation means translating content shared on social media into various languages.

Instagram, Facebook… they all are popular among everyone, right?

It comes with no surprise that today, almost everyone regardless of age, location or background, is on these platforms.

The majority of companies now have started including social media in their marketing strategy after seeing the impact of social media content on users.

Marketers use social media content translation to:

Expand their customer base.

Promote their brand assets across their local boundaries.

Explore a new target market while removing all the language barriers.

What’s more, the time spent on social networks is increasing every year and even every day. This clearly shows the importance of reliable multicultural marketing translation.

Social media is the most powerful medium for businesses to increase brand trust and build connections with customers because they are widely accessible platforms that allow you to engage with global customers.

With the increasing time, people spend on social media, it can be said that translating your social media content is definitely going to benefit you in the long run.

Why Do People Choose To Do Social Media Content Translation?

Social media is the backbone of every industry. Plus, it is essential to opt for digitalization. Posting your social media content solely in English is one of the biggest mistakes.

By translating your content you can show respect toward your target audience. Adding to that, if you focus on actual globalization and translation, you can get numerous benefits.

According to a report:

70% of clients online who get a good shopping experience are most likely to share their experience with their friends and family. In such a situation, translating social media content can help to make your brand accessible internationally.

89% of people use social media platforms through their smartphones and tablets. When you translate your social media content, you are able to reach a wider audience.

40% of people are more likely to purchase from the brands after seeing their advertisements on social media. Translating your social media content will help you target the exact audience and help to expand your reach.

Furthermore, social media content translation can help your business in the following ways:

1. Enjoy Wider Global Reach

Do you know, that just 20% of the people on the online platform communicate in the English language? Yes, that’s true. Connecting with social media users across the world can only happen when online content is provided in your customer’s native language.

Social content that worked for targeting a specific region doesn’t need to give the same benefit in another.

Translating content as per the cultural nuances of the target language can only be done by professional translators. They know all the popular facts about translation.

Companies nowadays often use translation tools to translate their social media content and think that the end results will meet their expectations.

Here the issue is when you think that people from another culture who speaks a different language will not face a problem, but you forget the most important thing and that is not all words can be translated properly through a tool.

That’s when you will need professional translation solutions for accurately translating your social media content.

2. Tap Into an Untapped Potential Market

Let’s assume your business is trying to reach a specific population. If your social media posts are still in English language only. You will likely be able to attract a low portion of people who speaks a language other than English.

Still confused, why this will happen?

Here we got a survey for you.

85% of social media users said that they can easily build trust and connect with a brand that speaks in their native language. Therefore, there is a great importance of translation service to confidently expand in a new location.

3. More Website Traffic

Social media translation in multiple languages is counted as the first step toward increasing your website traffic. Translation can make the process easy to turn your internet browsers into your potential customers.

Tip: You should add more links to your translated data, for example, if any new user comes to your profile and read your content for the first time, the link you will add in the content will encourage them to open your website.

This will give you a lot of traffic and also it will increase the profits of your online business.

4. Engage New Customers & Build Brand Awareness

Being able to communicate to the customers in their native language on social media is the biggest advantage for any business that wants to make their customers feel comfortable and valued.

When you remove the language barrier, customers easily get connected with your brand. Here, it’s important to make sure that you work with professionals who can keep high translation quality standards.

Another major benefit of investing in social media content translation is that you get an advantage from the platform where free publicity can be done.

You tend to build brand awareness at an international scale, which in turn makes your customers feel respected and valued.


Social media content translation cannot be avoided at any cost if you want to expand your reach on an online platform. Therefore, you should hire professionals who can handle your translation project. Tridindia is one of the most trusted companies with 18+ years that offers social media content translation solutions.

We have a pool of linguists who are always updated on the latest trends and development in social media. To talk to us, give us a call at +91-8527599523 or simply request an free quote now.

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