5 Types of Social Media Content Translation For More Engagement

How much success you will get on social media will majorly rely on the level of understanding your audience gets while reading your content.

Therefore, translation is important.

But, generating engaging translated content is not easy, it comes with many challenges for small businesses. It is time-consuming, and competitive, and should enhance customer experience.

To handle those challenges, content strategies should include various types of content for social media translation.

Let’s know what type of social media content you can translate to engage your audience and bring the most profits to your business.

1. User-Generated Content Translation

User-generated content is the procedure of re-posting content created by others.

For example, it’s like re-posting someone else’s post and then tagging them on it.

It’s as simple as a retweet.

By translating UGC through real human translation, you can easily increase engagement and reach.

New and existing followers get more motivated to reach you when they see these types of posts.


Translation of UGC shows your followers that you care about them and want to give a good experience to their audience.

It is seen that UGC is especially successful on Instagram.

Listed below are some tips to find and use UGC:

Monitor your social platforms every day.

Find content on social media platforms featuring your product (Check tags and hashtags as well).

Try to do as much of re-share, re-post, and re-tweet as you can.

2. Inspirational Content Translation

Researcher shows that most of the content that gets shared is about the sharer. There are 4 motivations that encourage a person to communicate with the brand:

30% of the share is done because of the good experience. The experience you gave was so good, unique, or new that it made them share.

28% share is done when you show others your superiority. For instance- you have worked with a popular brand.

25% of the share is done to help and express caring.

20% of the share is done because of the effectiveness of the content and how brilliantly it is presented.

The types of social media content you can translate should include facts, personal stories, and lots of images. In this case, you should use the top benefits of translation company.

So how can you generate inspirational content for your social media channels?

Get inspiration from websites like Quora, which have various questions and ideas regarding the topics, your audience may be interested in reading about.

Use a reliable tool to find motivational posts.

Share quotes

Share real-life people’s inspirational content.

Try to refer to pop culture.

Go through Reddit for content.

3. Images Content Translation

Good images and videos increase engagement at a high scale, and they present your brand to customers at a professional level.

The most beneficial aspect of image or accurate video translation is they make content easy to understand and engaging compared to long blogs and articles. You can use any device to click pictures and if needed you can quickly edit them to make them more attractive.

How to produce?

Pictures and images are very convenient to generate. It is just as simple as using your smartphone and clicking a selfie.

Here are some tips to help you post images on social media:

✓ Get high quality images for your social media posts:- You don’t need to be a professional photographer to use some of the popular websites that provides HD quality images few days.

✓ Avoid too much text in images:- You might know that Facebook doesn’t encourage too much copy thing when approving posts for ads? You need to make sure that your image doesn’t have too many words.

✓ Use photos with faces:- Images with faces get more engagement on Instagram because this way your audience can humanize your brand.

4. Educational Content Translation

A recent survey found that educational content, mainly infographics, gets shared a lot, along with how-to posts.

Some of the types of educational content on social media, you can translate are infographics, video training, case studies, and how-to posts. Furthermore, you can use profitable translation strategies to increase engagement level.

So how educational content can be created?

Try to include humor in your content.

Make your content more interactive, for example, write your content in such a way that calls for interaction and review from the client.

Add something different to your routine. Some days you can post videos and someday you can post articles.

Share relatable stories so that people can build a connection with your brand.

5. Audience Questions Translation

Do you want more engagement in social media?

Ask your followers to share their opinions

And after they are done with that

Reply back with a translated answer.

People will love to see the efforts you will put in to communicate in their language.

Plus, answering the questions of your audience is a direct way to encourage conversation.

Here are some tips to help you write engaging questions:

Start your questions with what, how, where, when, and why.

Ask some more questions to the one who has replied.

Explore other’s content to find inspiration

It’s true that social media has changed the way how customers used to interact with businesses. Today, multilingual social media is providing customers from all across the world, with the same experience.

The new social media era will continue to shape the future of business, so, it would be beneficial if you translate your social media content by professional translators. But before you choose someone, know how to find a reputable translation company.


The social media world has become so much power that you can’t avoid it. While social media translation can be very overwhelming, working with the right translation company can professionally build a strategy for your social media projects. We at Tridindia will be very happy to help you by providing high-quality social media translation solutions at an affordable price.

To connect with our professionals, call us at +91-8527599523 or simply request an free quote now.

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