Know the Importance of Life Science Translation Today

To grow your life science industry know the importance of life science translation as this will help you to translate everything prominently and professionally.

The high-quality translation is a necessity when you are launching pharmaceutical products in a new market, delivering treatment utilizing the language a patient understands or exporting medical devices. Life science companies have to make sure translation is prominent; otherwise, patients can be harmed, or the company may suffer financial or legal repercussions. A genuine mistake, such as typing the incorrect unit of measurement for a drug dose, or omitting the word not, can have hilarious results.

This is the reason why life science companies need to consider the importance of professional life science translation.

The Importance of Life Science Translation in Various Documents

Getting life science translation right is a complex method but one that requires to be done prominently. Not only do translators need to have a reliable fluency of a translated language, but they must also be subject matter experts to make sure the highest quality translation can be done. The expectations and demands placed on this new wave of translators are high but essential. The translation is a subtle art that requires attention, and it is important to find a company that is committed to the process.

Listed below are some importance to life science translation. You can also choose from top different types of business translation according to your needs.

1) Pharmaceuticals

To conduct the scientific clinical trial as well as market drugs in other countries, pharmaceutical companies require a multilingual approach. Some examples of documents that require to be translated are study protocols, signed agreement, and regulatory authorities documents, Amendments, and informed consent forms, among others.

2) Healthcare

Linguistically diverse populations require to get critical health details in a language they can understand. To avoid affective consequences because of miscommunication, it is of utmost significance to translate documents through potential translation service providers like medical records, informed consent forms, lab test results, patient questionnaires, aftercare patient’s instructions, and release forms.

3) Medical Devices

To market medical devices, few countries, involving the USA, need that companies conduct clinical trials. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies both require complete terminology in translation for accuracy, compliance, and understandability with different industries and international standards as well as regulatory obligations. Some examples of documents that require to be translated are installation manuals, operating, development safety update reports, and maintenance, regulatory compliance documents, and instructions for use, among others. This might have shown the major role of translation.

The life science industry is very unique in that information is not just shared from business to consumer, but also from business to business. Scientists work all around the world and most scientific methods are done in pieces and shared with various development teams. If a pharmaceutical drug has its labeling inaccurately or inconsistently translated, there is a danger of miscommunication in its development method which could thereby result in a faulty or even deadly drug.


As can be observed above, life science businesses that have extended their business to international markets should know the importance of life science translation and how to attract their clients through translation. Tridindia delivers powerful and effective types of language translation to people worldwide. Our team of translators are subject matter experts and experienced in their respective domains.

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