7 Tips for Website Translation Success: How To Translate A Website Professionally

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Many people mainly concentrate on translating the text into another language when it comes to website translation. But many more vital components need your focus for ensuring the international success of a website.

Website translation has always been a cost-effective way to connect with consumers from different regions. How you approach your customers, matters a lot. It can increase the growth of your business rapidly. However, appropriate planning is important for doing real website translation.

If it’s your first time translating your website to some other language, you might feel a little confused or pressurized. But don’t worry, here we will discuss 7 potential tips for website translation success.

7 Potential Tips for Website Translation Success

1. Put More Focus On Audience Rather Than Language

If you are translating your website, your first concern would be the language. However, website translation doesn’t only need to be focused just on language but also on the audience.

Keeping your audience in mind while translating your website is very important. This ensures that you are respecting their culture and not offending anyone.

What looks right in one culture might not look great in another. Therefore, doing deep research on your audience is important before you start doing quality document translation.

2. Pictures Should be Culturally Relevant

Nowadays, visual content is watched the most and this increases the need for culturally relevant pictures when targeting a different region.

To build a reputation in a new market, it is important to check if your website has relevant images which are not disrespect anyone’s sentiments.

What’s encouraged in your country might be banned in some other place. Therefore, culturally-relevant pictures are a must. The visuals that relate to the audience’s culture add value to your website.

3. Ensure your Website Has Proper Symbols

Different countries use different symbols to display time, date, currency, and many other things. Even the United States and Australia which speaks the same language, have different writing style for dates.

In Australia, the format is date/month/year, whereas, in the US, the format is month/date/year. Therefore, checking that the symbols are proper is necessary while translating a website.

4. Check Which Pages Actually Need Translation

Not all the pages on your website need to need a translation. Even if you are choosing to promote your brand in some other region where the language is completely different than yours, then also there would be some pages that would not need a translation.

To check which pages need actual human translation and which do not, do a full content review of your site.

5. Keywords Are The Backbone

The search term changes according to the geographical region. Therefore, you need to change your keywords too if you are planning to cross your local borders. It will help your customers find your website easily in the search engine.

In this case, partnering with a translation company is crucial as they will have a proper team who can suggest you the right keywords according to the target location. The keyword list they will provide will help you to choose the best one to accomplish your goal.

6. Make A List Of Your Needs

As said earlier, website translation is more than just translating the text into the target language. Many things need to be considered when presenting your website in a different region. To have correct multilingual website practices, map out the things you actually need.

By making a list of all your needs, the translation company can provide you with the exact quote and will be able to help you better to satisfy your requirements. Adding more things while the website is under the translation process will end up increasing the timeline and also the translators would get confused.

7. Double-Check Your Source Content

Before translating your website it is important to go through your source content thoroughly and check all mistakes it has. Keep in mind that all the mistakes in your source content will get doubled after translation.

This is why checking your source content is very important before you finally give it to the translator for further process.

Furthermore, there will always be a major need of website translation when a business wants to expand.

If you don’t have in-house employees who can help you in translation, then you should definitely choose a professional translation company. Select the right one and discuss with them your expectations. This will ensure that you both are on the same page to support you in the journey of expansion.


A well-translated website can support your business to reach new markets. Working with an experienced and professional translation company will save your time and cost as well in the long run.

We at Tridindia will be very happy to help you translate your website into the language you want to target. Our team has the expertise and correct resources to provide you with the best results.

If you are interested in translating your website, please feel free to call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an quick quote to scale your business to profitable new heights.

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