Website Translation For Global Brand: How it Makes Your Brand Global?

Did you know? Companies that have translated their websites have experienced a boost in sales by at least 70%. This is why website translation for the global brand has now become a necessity.

In this digital era, your website is the key identity of your brand’s online presence and it tells a lot about your brand.

We know most internet users speak English, but it is also true that English isn’t the only widely used customer and business language.

To help your global customers make your brand their first choice and show interest in your products and services, you need to make your brand global. That’s where the quick need of website translation arises.

Now, the next question that hits your mind.

How Website Translation Makes Your Brand Global?

When you want to put your brand in the spotlight, translating and localizing your website and other essential online content becomes a “critical mission”.

It helps a lot to make your brand globally popular in plenty of ways and here they are:

1- Boost Customer Interaction

You will agree with the fact that today’s customers’ lives are highly influenced by what they use on daily basis—including their favourite mobile sites, social media platforms, and more.

If you want to boost customer interaction and want to add your brand to their favourites list, a great idea is to outsource website translation.

When you will localize your website in multiple languages, the audience finds it easy to interact with your website.

2- Build Customers Trust

Understand with this example:

Your business has just entered the eCommerce industry. You have an excellent clothing line that meets the present fashion standards.

But, there are already many popular brands in the same niche that have a good online presence and excellent customer base. How will you stand out from them?

By effectively translate your business website. When your eCommerce website will have product information available in the languages of your customers’ choice, this will reflect that your brand respects their cultures. This will surely help build their trust in your brand.

3- Strengthen Brand Consistency

When your website gets translated according to the global market needs, you get full control of your message and provide an impeccable brand experience to different markets.

It’s quite easy to make sure that your brand message is resonating with your target customers as you intend, instead miscommunicated by any other agencies.

4- Help Gain Authority

With the proper translation of the website, you gain the ability to create good localization. Further, this will provide you with the proper authority impression on delivering your content to your potential and new customers.

One of the key benefits of website localization is that online users or customers will receive precise content in their local language.

It builds their confidence in your brand due to the right selection of tone, words, and various other language features to connect with them.

5- Allow Proper Segmentation

Translating the website accurately makes it easier for your to pass on the customized messages to consumers in various global markets.

Again, you can have complete control of your online messages while serving regional buyer needs as well as expanding your brand’s digital footprint simultaneously.

6- Support Marketing Teams

Now you that well-translated websites are excellent resources for online users to gain useful information about your brand.

So, do budget-friendly multilingual website practices help boost sales? Actually, they’re a great alternative for local sales as well as support teams too.

When you effectively translate your website, your market-specific products and services becomes known among the customer, meet the legal requirements and regulations, and offer information that marketing teams can keep a note of as they pursue leads.

7- Improve Your Website’s SEO

Remember, maximum online users, search or surf the internet utilizing the native languages.

Therefore, if you want to take your brand global, it is high time that you should quickly localize the content of your website if you are eager to drive more traffic to your site.

To increase the online presence of your brand, the SEO of your multilingual website will help your brand rank higher than your competitor.

Give thought to hiring a reliable translation company in Kolkata to translate your site into various foreign and Indian languages to boost your brand’s online visibility and accessibility globally.


If you want to improve your marketing team’s reach and get global success, strongly consider this technique. And to achieve your aim of taking your brand global, an expert human translator can help by getting your marketing message to your target customers in the languages of their choice.

We are here to assist you with our proven techniques to translate your website. Connect with us at +91-8527599523 or simply request a free quote.

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