18+ Translation Blogs and Websites To Follow [You Can’t Miss]

As the demand for quality translation is booming, it is going to be very crucial for businesses & individuals to learn about it first from 15+ Translation Blogs and Websites to understand its concept and purpose.

We read several blogs on a plethora of topics every week.

They give you a thought about what’s trending, new ideas and opinions about anything.

When it comes to translation, there are plenty of blogs related to the successful translation industry which are performing well by getting people closer by translating. Also, some of the translation blogs are small websites that bring professional translation solutions to people who are looking to translate their useful information from one language to another.

Let’s dive into some of the popular translation blogs that are frequently followed by interested readers.

Most Useful Popular Translation Blogs and Websites

Take a note of popular blogs and websites that bring useful information on translation for you:


A fastest emerging translation company that has been delivering excellence since its inception. The team knows what readers look for and thus, brings valuable information through about the translation industry that satisfies their curious minds.

2- Slator:

A treasure trove of the latest updates on language industry trends, Slator is the ultimate source of information. Visiting can help language professionals to gain information on translation and understand what new innovations reliable language service providers bring to the table.

3- Speakt

A leading translation service provider that brings interesting insights on translation, languages and a lot more. At, translators and other readers can go through several blogs to stay updated.

4- Trusted Translations

They are the trusted Spanish translation blog that aims at delivering quality service and valid information through about the translation to interested readers.


This is a premium online source for a Greek Translation site that shares translation blog posts at to make readers know what is localization, translation languages, interpreting, and so on.

6- Tomedes

A one-stop-shop where one can gain all things language-related at Also, they update their blog section with articles covering translation, localization, interpretation, and more.

7- Gengo

There are umpteen topics that you can read here like a translation at Ecommerce, everything you need to know about a translator’s Life and so on.

8- Transperfect Blog

Here is, which is among the most widely popular blog in the world. Follow this blog to learn about the role of translation in global business, e-commerce or retail.

9- Espressotranslations

A translation agency has quite informative and valuable translation blogs available at with a lot of information on the latest trends of translation Industry.

10- About Translation

This is an amazing blog to follow and well worth keeping an eye on. Their posts are highly opinionated and make you think a lot. In their chamber of information at, you can get insights into translation, etc.

11- Proz

Very popular translation community where you can learn everything about translation news as well as stay updated on what is trending in the industry now.

12- The Translator’s Teacup

The Translator’s Teacup is an excellent blog. Visit here to get impressive posts for translations as well as varieties of tools for translators.

13- Translators Anonymous

Anonymously popular since its inception, the two translators are running successfully and keep sharing neuroses of translating on daily basis.

14- Training for Translators

Want to boost your skills? Just visit to keep you motivated and inspired! This US-focused site has a wide range of a variety of subjects, which are specifically useful for those translating on a freelance basis. They will surely get guidance on advanced translation techniques.

15- Intralingo

This blog is perfect for those, who are fond of literary translation. Visit to get insights on different topics.

16- Glossarissimo

Another exceptional blog will aid any professional perform their job in a better way with its affluent database of glossaries.

17- LanguageLine Solutions

With great experience in the language services industry, is the pioneer when it comes to certified translation. Besides providing exceptional translation solutions, their blog section is filled with large numbers of blogs that are important to read and follow.

18- Ubiqus

With certain factors steering a huge market demand, like the need for accurate localization, as well as cross-platform access to language professionals, blog keeps people well informed.

19- Translation Times

Want to know the techniques to run the business of translation as well as interpreting successfully? Bookmark to keep updating yourself with useful tips.

In Conclusion

There are many other platforms like these which are generating interesting blogs. Just keep reading them and stay updated so that you or your business never face language barriers while connecting with a wider audience.

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