Are Your Transcriptions Scaring Your Customers Away? [6 Reasons]

Transcription hugely impacts the reputation and this business outcome. When you are looking for the best language solutions, transcription is always preferred. But in some cases, poor transcription will actually make your text lack meaning and put a bad impression.

When you want your business to explore more and connect the more audiences, then there is a need to get the best transcription.

A lack in choosing the transcription will only result in the loss of the business reputation and you may not get the results that you are looking for.

Getting with poor quality transcription will prepare audio or video file that your customers will not prefer. There is a great need to choose the right language transcription to make things work in a better way.

Let’s see how getting with poor transcription will work against getting more customers.

Reasons Your Transcription Scaring Your Customers Away

Transcription is done in different forms and proper guidelines need to be followed to make the right transcript. See how ignoring mistakes in the transcription will take your customers away:

1- Unrealistic Deadlines

The agency you choose must be professional and deliver solutions in the professional manner. Presenting a poor-quality file when you are expecting immediate delivery, will set your transcription for failure.

It is very important to know the agency utilizes the time and delivers the solutions within the deadline.

The poor transcription company fails to premium transcription with fast turnaround times. You need good transcription solutions that are accurate.

2- Not Following Clear Instructions

A transcription can come in many forms and you need a special transcriber for the required niche. Poor transcription agency sometimes fails to provide the best transcription as instructions are not clear.

Transcribing needs to be followed with proper instruction and must be followed by proofreading.

When you deal with expert transcribers that have a clear sense of how the transcription, this will help you to connect with the customers.

3- Use Of Inferior Equipment

When you want legal or medical transcriptions, you cannot trust the one that is new or not rated good for the transcription.  You need top-notch audio transcription as getting cheap will provide unclear transcription that gives rise to errors.

Wrong terminology or poor recording equipment is equally damaging.

It is wise to spend money on a company that uses high-quality recording equipment to ensure all transcripts are audible.

4- Lack of Experience

A common misunderstanding occurs when there is a lack of experience in transcription. To transcribe well, there is a great of experience needed.

For business and other purposes, there is a great need to get formalized transcription and if you get with low-budget transcription, you may fail to get the best results.

 To achieve a great level of precision, quality transcription help a lot to preserve the subject integrity.

5- Fail At Handling Complex Documentation

There are several complex documents that need to be supported in an appropriate manner.

If the transcription is not done in the best way, it fails to clarify words, phrases in a familiar manner. Thus, professional transcription with industry experience can handle the complex project easily.

Transcription is much needed to provide the best skill and careful concentration. Relying on the low-budget transcription will only provide unsatisfied results and also delay the delivery date.

6- Forget To Proofread

This is one of the biggest mistakes that may interfere with the delivery of an audio or video file to a transcriptionist altogether.

For every business, it is important to understand why is transcription important and why it is always advised to get it done by the professional.

Low-cost transcription may skip the proofreading proceed and this only results in the delivery solutions that are full of mistakes.

There are several common mistakes that have been done and this can be a logistical nightmare for your business.


Transcription is a highly crucial part of qualitative research. To get it done in the best way, it is important for any business to be sure you choose the right transcription.

Investing in professional transcription solutions is always worth that deliver accurate solutions.

There is a need to ensure accuracy, quality assurance is only possible when you get verified solutions.

To get the best-verified transcription, reach out to us at +91-8527599523 or send an instant quote.

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