Why You Should Translate Your Book into the Chinese Language?

Do you know a number of English books get translated into Chinese almost every year? The Bean Trees is just one of the many examples of the translated books. There is no denying the fact that people across the world love reading novels and other types of books. According to a research, people in the US read almost 12 books in a year. Isn’t it amazing? What’s more fascinating is the fact that translated books are getting widely popular among the book lovers. Everywhere, people are going gaga over translated works.

So, if you are a novelist, editor, book author or anyone related to book writing or publication, you must definitely think about translation. Here’s why.

1. Improved sales

When you translate your book in Chinese, you increase the reach of your work in the target market. This implies that you generate sales both in the domestic and international market. This is one of the biggest benefits of translation services. As the internet has connected people across multiple cultures and languages, the urge to explore new cultures, traditions and trends has also increased. Hence, translating your book into Chinese gives you the right opportunity to attract the book lovers and persuade them to buy the translated book.

2. Better Way To Convey Ideas

Making the readers feel what exactly you are going through is very important. But, that is not so easy. Even if you know a few basics about the Chinese language, you may not be an expert in conveying your ideas. After all, writing a book is an art and translating a book literally, loses the essence. In Chinese, there are some words that do not have an equivalent in English. You may be definitely unaware of them. Therefore, translation (from experts) helps you unlock these words, use them in the book and convey your ideas in a much better way.

3. No Stiff Competition

While in your domestic market, you may experience a huge wave of competition, there is comparatively less competition when you translate the book in Chinese. This is because most of the authors do not have knowledge about the target language and owing to the higher price of translation, they often do not even think of searching urgent translation services near you. Remember that when you seek translation from independent translators, the cost of translation is quoted high. But, if you look for a professional translation company, you will notice the quotation to be affordable than freelancers.

4. Increase Readership

When you introduce your book to a new market, the readership increases. However, that depends on the quality of content. If you believe you have the right script that is capable of attracting the attention of the readers, get it translated and you will surely see growth in the readership. The more number of readers read your book, the more it will be popular and attract more sales.

5. Increase Book Reviews

Being a book author, you will understand how important book reviews are for you. Bloggers and readers connect with each other on different online forums to discuss a number of books that they have read. They also provide reviews and recommendations regarding which book they should read next. The book with the highest number of reviews achieves the highest sales target. So, if your book is a big hot in the domestic market, chances are that it may persuade the international audience as well. You only need to get better reviews for your book and that is possible only if you hire a reputed company that offers quality content translation near you.

As per a research, Chinese people read books regularly, spending almost 20.4 minutes in the reading session. So, now you know that Chinese citizens love grasping knowledge about different things. So, what are you waiting for? Look out for a certified translation company and get started with improved sales and wider reach in the Chinese market.

Adapt Your Book to the Chinese Culture

In order to become the most loved author in the target market, simple translation is not enough. You need to ensure that your literary work is well adapted to the target culture. You may not realize, but there may be certain words, symbols or dialogues that may not go well with the target audience. Therefore, you will need to adapt your book’s content as per the target language and culture preferences.

At TridIndia, we have the most experienced book translators in the industry who translate all types of books into Chinese and other languages as well. We also provide exact blog translation services, in addition to translating novels, magazines, books and other literary work.

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