Your Comprehensive Translation Checklist: 4 Important Things to Consider

Before you hire any translation company for a project, it’s important to go through the comprehensive translation checklist to make sure that all the parties involved know what translation should have. Knowledge of every important information will assure an accurate translation.

Since the internet got the limelight, the world has become smaller. Barriers like geographical locations and languages that were earlier used to restrict people from connecting to people from various corners of the world are no longer a restriction. A strong online presence is now considered an indispensable aspect of modern business. For companies that want to do business overseas or build an international customer base, translation is an absolute necessity.

To translate your business material, it’s important that you know your comprehensive checklist to ensure there is no error. For making your work easy, here, we have merged some checklists that will definitely help you to make your effective marketing translation professional and accurate.

Know the Comprehensive Translation Checklist

1. Identify Your Target Audience

When you plan to market a product, you don’t target the entire population, rather focus on a specific set of people. This is the reason why you will not usually see companies invest their money in expensive double-page spread ads in magazines and newspapers. They clearly know that displaying ads in trade journals gives a more budget-friendly medium for marketing.

Your business message should be adapted to present your business or product information in front of a specific population from chosen areas. Therefore, spend time identifying your target audience by analyzing the below-mentioned factors:

Sales records
Customer’s Needs
Market Demand

If you want to do prominent document translation, you need to invest your time in building your potential customer profile. You can also improve the profile as you gather more knowledge and experience in the market.

2. Check Out The Keywords

No matter how engaging you have made your content, SEO will always remain vital for your business. An effective SEO strategy starts by selecting the right keywords that can give you international recognition. Keyword selection is another language that includes choosing the appropriate terms for targeting the audience you want.

Example: Synonyms

A simple phrase like “Fashionable Clothing Company”, when translated into your language can quickly make your website rank among your local competitors. But it will barely give you new clients. The reason behind this is the audience outside your local boundary would not understand the term “clothing company” or “fashionable clothing”.

Considering this point will help you make suitable translation for global campaign.

3. Add Personality

A translated document that is accurate is always appreciated but giving it some personality is also important. Even a little twist is given while translating a document from one language to another can bring a huge difference. The translator you choose should be able to create a text that looks original. Obviously, the source text should be the base, but at some point, you need to forget it for giving the final piece some character and individuality as per the target audience.

Make sure you improve your reputation by adding some creativity as well as flow to the translated text. Here, considerable benefits of translation company can help.

4. Ensure Translating Your Content Marketing

Including content marketing in your strategy can happen to be a powerful aspect for expanding the reach of your marketing. Make sure that content marketing is considered in translation planning. A content marketing plan should include videos, blogs, podcasts, tutorials, case studies, and white papers.

When choosing what to translate, don’t simply pick your most popular content. Put some thoughts on whether the content is appropriate for the target audience or not. Also, give importance to local customs, cultural references, and expressions while translating your content.

Your final translated document should make sense in the target language and should look like it was originally written in that language only. Therefore, if you have time, do a final review of your translated copy before presenting it to your target audience. You can also hire professional translators to manage frequent translation problems and solutions.


The comprehensive checklist mentioned above will help you evaluate a translation to assure quality, accuracy as well as professionalism. If you want a professional translation company to handle your project, then choose Tridindia. We are a reputed translation company offering translation and many other multilingual communication solutions. We offer free quotes and would be happy to answer all your questions.

Contact us to get more information about our solutions. Call us at +91-8527599523 or send us a instant quote.


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