How Does Translation Improve Your Website Reach?

Establishing a strong multilingual website presence is important to improve your website reach and gain a competitive edge at a global level.

Communicating to the consumers in their native language is essential for multiple reasons. The reason is not just connecting with your international audience, but also getting noticed by Google. Google’s search algorithm keeps an account of various features of a website and then ranks your page according to its relevance. When you are promoting your website in a new market, it’s easy to think that everything written in English will be understood by everyone.

But do you know more than 70% of the internet users speak a language other than English, which means there is a huge population that your brand is not even reaching?

Although half of the global websites you’ll find are written in English, only a quarter of internet users prefers speaking English. With more than half of online customers using a website that is in their native language, giving a view to the benefits of faultless website translation is worth it.

Ways How Translation Improves your Website Reach

1. Boost your Traffic Flow

It becomes very difficult to connect with global customers when you don’t convey your business information in their native language. Don’t restrict your business by generating website content just in your native language. By translating your website into multiple languages, you can spread your business information among a wider network of potential customers.

Also, you can boost your traffic and increase customers loyalty by translating your content.

2. Make An Effective First Impression

If you want to attract customers in a new market, you need to make your first impression effective enough to make the visitors spend some more time on your website. Customers tend to judge a brand on the basis of their website, which means how it looks, how the content is written or the structure of the website makes them analyze whether to invest in your brand or not. Therefore, striking human translation is important.

Making sure that your website is translated well and looks as well as feels according to the culture of your audience is an important step in creating an effective first impression with potential customers.

3. Establishes Trust

Native language is something that everyone feels comfortable speaking in. Customers are more probably to buy from a brand that they can trust. If you are unable to build trust in your online customers, you are unable to increase your sales. Every business should focus on increasing customer loyalty. It is important for users to understand the message or the content of your website to invest in your offerings. The translation is an effective way to build trust and you should choose professional translators to translate your website as they know tested multilingual website practices.

Providing an option to translate the websites offers an effective customer experience. They feel like they understand your product and that you value them.

4. Improve Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on your website is essential for attaining success. Without translating your website, you can’t give convenience to your customers. This way you will get a true reflection on the quality of your offerings.

Information you gain from your consumer base will guide you in the correct direction that will help to attain business success. If possible, make sure that your FAQs are in more than one language to ensure a clear understanding for the users.

Furthermore, you need to build the best content marketing strategy to make your website appealing and culturally relevant for your audience.

5. Strengthen Your Brand

One effective way to strengthen your brand is by translating your website to make your content appropriate according to the preferences and needs of your customers. Investing your time as well as money into website translation will help you build relationships with customers, hence developing a good impression of your brand.

Your website can be explored in various locations of the world, so why not show the world that you are interested in expanding in other markets apart from your local one? You can effectively power your content with translation.


By translating your website, you tend to improve the global perception of your brand. If you want to translate your website, then choose an experienced company. Tridindia has more than 18 years of experience as a trusted translation service provider and has a team of 150+ native expert translators who are also industry-specialized.

Want to talk to our translation professionals? call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote.

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