5 Signs Your Russian Translation is Wrong: How to Make Your Russian Translation Error-free?

Every language has its unique set of challenges when translated efficiently. Russian is no different, but how can you minimize the risks of a mistake when translating into Russian? Here you will find 5 signs your Russian translation is wrong….

Russian translations need skills and hard work in translators for translating properly. It is a language that is very different compared to the English language in every aspect including vocabulary, alphabet, as well as grammar. It is also the native language of around 154 million people. If you are in a business, it is probably that you will need experienced language translators for translating something into the Russian language. Russian is so different from English that translations can lead to funny translation fails.

In this blog, we are going to go through 5 signs that will show your Russian translation is wrong.

Top 5 Signs your Russian Translation is Wrong

1. Don’t Over Look The Noun Endings

Russian is notorious for its 6 different cases- accusative, dative, nominative, genitive, instrumental as well as prepositional. Each case has a different ending for each number and gender of the nouns. As an outcome, a noun can have many variations. If you want to make it worse, these cases increase the possibilities of a looser structure of the sentence in comparison to English.

In English sentences, the word orders are in a rigid way which can be ignored in very specific cases. In Russian, sentence structure is not that strict. It means a reliable Russian translation expert can put the words in any sequence you wish without making them grammatically incorrect.

2. Do Not Break the Sentences

The order of words in Russian grammar differs from the English language. While the Russian sentence structure is not that rigid, each sentence can change the text’s tone, mood, or form. Professional translators must not only be experts in both languages, but they should be creative enough to adapt sentence structure and word choice to fit the context. Even if changing the order of words does not influence grammar codes, every alteration changes the text’s tone. Just changing the two words can change the sound and mood.

In some cases, dramatic changes, like flipping the end and beginning of the actual text, might be needed when translating a document into Russian. If you are doing English to Russian translation, sometimes the sentences must be turned upside down or inside out to make the text sound fluent.

3. Avoid Translating Without Context

Context is very essential in translation, mainly when it’s a matter of Russian as the words in it have multiple meanings.

The reason behind Russian words having different meanings is that the Russian language has a rather limited vocabulary. It has about 2,00,000 words in comparison to English which has 1,000,000 words. Without context, one could not know which one to choose when translating to the Russian language. This is the reason why when translating any business content ensure to provide sufficient information or reference materials to prevent errors and maintain effective linguistic quality in translation.

4. Give Attention to Punctuation

If you compare Russian to the English language, the punctuation rules may look quite foreign and what might look like errors are actually correct. Therefore, ensure to give special attention to punctuation.

5. Give Enough Space

One of the common problems faced by many translators is the variations in word lengths. The content that you are translating, if it needs to fit inside confines, the translation process might cause your text to overflow, messing up your design.

When translating your document from English to Russian, this can be an issue. For this reason, it is better if you allow for extra space in your source files so that the text can efficiently fit without looking massively tight.

This article might have helped you understand some intricacies of the Russian language well and you can now decide whether to invest in affordable business translation  for ensuring accuracy in your translated documents.


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