Why is Konkani Translation So Important? [5 Essential Reasons]

Konkani is among the 22 official languages of India, which is appropriate in the state of Goa. Apart from Goa, places such as Maharashtra, Daman, Gujarat, etc. Also, utilize Konkani as the major language. Since Konkani is the official language of Goa, thus the state carries out the majority of its word in this language. Hence, if you are thinking of extending your business or making any connection in these places, you must know why is Konkani translation so important.

In today’s world, marketing does all the magic for businesses and collect essential audiences. Hence, if you want to market your product to potential consumer, you need to understand the art of communication, which is where the Konkani translation comes into the picture. Once you are able to interact, you can connect with your audience immediately and this will deliver your business the needed exposure. It will also localize the business by delivering it with a more intimate identity with a curve- tomorrow’s customers will expect content and sites to be multilingual. A study shows that 90% of users prefer to use their site in their native language.

The survey showed that 42% of people going to a website will not buy anything if the site is not in their language. This shows affordable Konkani translation is important for your business.

Reasons Why Konkani Translation Is Important?

1. Competitive Advantage

Is your competition already doing the translation? If yes then you are missing a major possibility that will assist you to grow your business. In case other companies in the industry have not gotten started with the method yet, you enjoy the perks of being a pioneer and reaching local prospects first.

65% of multinational enterprises believe localization is very essential for achieving higher company revenues and the number increases to 74% when it’s the matter of achieving increased revenue from overseas operations, as per a survey. Plus, 86% of the localized campaigns outperformed others in conversions and click-throughs. Hence, effective translation in Mumbai are vital.

2. International Marketing

Many companies never get much beyond the first one, appointing to get the legal minimum wording translated. If you have a small product and require to involve many languages, this approach is very logical and mostly unavoidable, but we would argue that marketing is the best use of translation for most products and services.

The aim of a Konkani translation should be to assist you to sell your products and service. This may need localizing the content for the target market, however, even if your product has very engaging features and advantages, if your customer is not aware of them in their native language, they are likely to purchase something else. Choose from many different types of translation as per your needs.

3. Language Influences Purchases

To select one kind of product or another, prospects require information. Giving your global audience enough information about the business in the respective language will assist you to establish rapport with prospects. Research shows that 75% of buyers prefer information in their native language, to select products and make buying decisions.

60% of people rarely buy from a website providing information in a specific language. This is why website localization is very important.

4. Legal Compliance

Many products are needed by law to be accompanied by specific information, whether it is on the pack, or in the form of product labeling or instruction leaflets. The majority of countries need food labeling to be in the native language. Care labeling is also very regulated, as is toy labeling. This shows the actual role of translation.

Quite simply, if the information is not in the language of the targeted country you want to expand in, you may be breaking the law so it always pays to check.

5. Strengthen Your Image

Consumers today get to pick from many local and international options. If you are not doing professional localization and translation, you are not making the correct image for your brand. Selecting the right localization plan is not convenient at all, if not done right, it actually can affect your image more than help it. This is why most companies outsource the development of multilingual content to localization companies.

Content localization of products and services for all of your current markets will assist you to boost penetration and automatically- increase your revenue generation efforts. You should know why is language translation important as it will help you to handle overseas markets and make the most of every individual opportunity.

Wrapping It Up:

Konkani translation enables marketers to boost their ROI by multiplying the impact of the content they have already created in some other language. Working with a company that provides translation will help you to establish a coherent localization plan to grow your business. For translation works that are precise, clear, and done by humans, contact Tridindia.

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