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About 466 million people all over the world are hard of hearing or deaf. This number is predicted to grow to 900 million by 2050. So after reading the numbers, do you still confused about why is subtitling so important?

Not only the hard of hearing ones, don’t we all have watched a movie or TV show with the spoken translated text along with the visible words coming at the bottom of the screen? We all love to watch movies that have subtitles for a better understanding of the piece. Languages should not be a barrier to the beautiful convention of doing arts as languages were developed to connect the gaps between people. This high grade subtitling services in Delhi is delivered by many language service providers.

So, let’s uncover some more things about the importance of subtitling.

The Importance Of Subtitling

1. Providing Clarity

Adding subtitling or say closed captioning to your video can add way more clarity to content involving technical language, industry jargon, or individual’s/company’s names. For listeners, jargon, abbreviations, or certain names may be harder to decipher, especially if the viewer is not experienced within your industry. Subtitles can help a viewer retain information more conveniently by delivering not only audio but also a visual stimulus.

2. Subtitles Are a Smart Business Decision

Recent data shows that around 85% of Facebook users are watching video content with no sound. This is a huge number of people and from only one website. It is not a far leap to assume that users view videos in the same manner on other websites. Therefore, if you want to have loads of people watching your content, you should subtitle your video. Also, if you want to connect with your audience more, then you can go for translation.

Now with this, many of you might have a question and want to know are translation agencies profitable? And the answer is yes, they are. Just choose an agency that is worth investing your money in.

3. Improve Literacy And Comprehension

A study shows that subtitles have a major impact on the literacy and comprehension of students. Students who consumed media with captions and subtitles scored higher in reading comprehension in comparison to those who did not. Particularly, they can help improve reading speed and fluency, vocabulary acquisition, word knowledge, word recognition, and even listening comprehension.

This just justifies that subtitles are not a nuisance and that they actually help in language and reading.

4. Global Accessibility

Once a video is uploaded online, anyone with an internet connection can share and view it. To make videos relevant to everyone, people use valuable dubbing also. But there are many who watch a video without any sound and their subtitle comes into play. The major benefit of subtitles is that a non-native speaker can understand what’s going on with subtitles involved- they won’t feel left out. Without subtitles, non-native speakers may just skip your video.

Even if the subtitles are not in their native language, people find it convenient to understand the written language and prefer subtitles over nothing at all.

5. Widen Reach

Subtitles permit you to widen your reach and permits viewers to explore more foreign films and shows other than English ones. At the same time, subtitles also widen the reach of production companies and filmmakers with every foreign language subtitle they deliver. In this case, it is clearly a win-win situation for both the films and the audience. Furthermore, if you want to influence your audience immensely then go for the common types of translation and translate your subtitles in your viewer’s native language.

6. Improved Engagement

Among other advantages, videos with subtitles tend to give more engagement. When a viewer can follow along with the video, they are far more likely to stay concentrated on its content. The brain needs extra resources to hear and process information. However, if your audience can read that information, they are more likely to keep it. Especially in an age where attention spans are falling like feathers, better engagement is more important thane ever to high-performing videos.

Adding to that, you can also use crucial types of voice over in order to make your content more engaging and attractive.


Tridindia ensures that the subtitles are accurate and must mirror cultural specifications so that the complete art piece does not lose its authenticity. We understand the importance to capture localization requirements along with professional translation services. Our subtitlers can paraphrase the subtitles to mirror the accurate meaning of the video within the deadline. Our company knows the importance of the viewer’s understanding and that’s our main priority.

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