What is the Need of Video Transcription? [5 Solid Facts]

Video transcription is the method of translating your video’s audio into text utilizing automatic speech recognition technology, human transcriptionists, or a mixture of two. Without video transcription, your videos cannot convey information appropriately.

As per reports, the average user invests 88% more time on a site with video than without. But, this should genuinely come as no surprise- nowadays, there is a video hanging out on just about every corner of the web. Naturally, companies big and small have excepted this trend and are utilizing video to share new brand stories and attract genuine audiences. However, when it’s the matter of optimizing for search and preferring accessibility, many companies have a very long way to go. This is a great chance for companies who are not already developing video content.

In spite of concentrating majorly on the production of the content itself, companies should begin thinking about what happens after the video is originally made. How will people get your content? And when they do, are you making sure that everyone who needs to consume it can? That is where prominent video transcription comes into play.

The Need of Video Transcription
1. Improve SEO

SEO is a leading aspect of any online marketing plan. Google reported that around 2 trillion searches in the year 2016 or around 100 billion searches every month. Over this year, around 74% of all search traffic will be for video. For SEO to work, website pages should first be crawled and then located into a search engine’s index. Only once a web page is indexed, can it be found via a Google search. In the case of online videos, search engines are unable to crawl the original video content because the only text, not spoken word, is visible to them. Companies can overcome this indexing hurdle and enable successful SEO for video by utilizing the video’s transcription data.

This technique develops a textual representation of the spoken content in the videos, permitting search engines to crawl through your video’s content and index the video properly.

With just 8.5% of online search traffic making it to the second page of Google search, SEO authorized videos are an important benefit. So, having reliable transcription solutions is important.

2. Easy Distribution for Wider Audience

Transcription permits the site greater exposure and possibilities of being viewed by as many users. Not only does it feed bots with a summary of the video, but it also offers users with information accessible, giving them the power to analyze if they want to see the video or not. Transcribing video content through video transcription solutions will assist you to go ahead of rivals. Through presentations of unique interactive media material on the platform, it assists in transcribed video content to outshine everyone in the market.

By outsourcing the best transcription solution for professional transcription of video content, you can share text content on various channels without having to invest specifically in different resources. The transcribed media content can be distributed as online articles, E-books, Print media articles, online articles or blogs, newsletters, E-mails, and manuals, etc.

3. Provide a Studying Aid for Students

Universities and colleges are needed to caption online lectures as well as videos by the Americans with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Disabilities Act. Transcribed videos make sure that deaf and hard-of-hearing people have equal access to educational content.

While video transcripts are not enough for accessibility, they are still highly beneficial for all students. By incorporating video transcription along with a video lecture, educators provide their student’s different unique methods to interact with and study the material. You need to understand what is video transcription first for understanding everything clearly. This involve:

☛ Going through the video
☛ Searching for particular terms
☛ Printing and annotating the transcription
☛ Referring back to a question without watching the complete video again

4. Improved accessibility

In business operations, accessibility means making your content appropriate for people with disabilities. By transcribing your video content through video transcription solutions, you are enabling people with hearing disabilities can also go through media content in the form of text to get a proper understanding of your business or solutions.

Video transcription solutions are important for public institutions and companies that are concentrated on education, following with ADA needs for accessibility on the site.

5. Easily Make New Content

Video transcription increases video ROI by allowing you conveniently develop more content. The average 5-minute video holds 150 words per minute, which comes to 750 words. This is shockingly in line with the length of the average blog article. For content creators as well as marketers, repurposing content for various mediums is important.

Video transcripts can be taken and converted into various content types, like:

☛ eBooks
☛ Product descriptions
☛ Blog articles
☛ Emails
☛ FAQs
☛ Infographics

Relying on the nature of your video, it can be reprocessed into one or more of the above-mentioned content types.

For instance, you can take the appropriate transcription of a webinar, choose the key takeaways, and generate a blog article. If the webinar goes into deep detail on suitable information, it could even be made into a complete eBook.

Whether you are interacting with your employee, students, or the general public, professional video transcripts make sure long-lasting understanding as well as reinforcement for everyone. There is a huge role of transcription if hire professionals for handling transcription work.


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