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Conversation in English Can Be Easy For Anyone in the World

English conversion is really important these days. Even at the school and college level, students are taught about the language. Not just this, speaking in English is considered to be mandatory for all teachers and students. This ensures that the English speaking skills get better and better. Right from the moment, we enter school till […]
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A Pure Linguists’ Guide to Understand Dialect Grammar Rules

Often, it is believed that only languages have grammar and not the dialects within the languages. However, this is not true. All the dialects, whether traditional or contemporary have certain grammar rules that every linguist should know. The languages have certain set of rules that are applied while speaking or practicing the language, and so […]
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5 Reasons to Why Learning Languages Boost Career Prospects

Learning a new language can be both entertaining as well as rewarding, in terms of boosting career prospects. Learning a second or even a third language, not only benefits your personal life (meeting new friends and communicating with them), but also benefits your professional life. Basically the scope of job for bilingual candidates has increased […]
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