Transcription by Industry

What is Business Transcription and Types of Business Transcription?

The subtleties of business communication have changed immensely. Nowadays, companies convey their business information and interact with the audience via various audio and video mediums. It is very important for businesses to record their audio and video content for commercial purpose and then turn it into text through business transcription. Many audios and video content, […]
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Transcription For Small Business: Why Small Businesses Need Transcription?

The benefits of transcription for small businesses are global and wide-ranging as well. Professional transcription can make your internal business communication smooth, help you in the expansion of marketing reach, reduce expenditures, and attract new customers. Today, many business owners are taking benefit of transcription solutions. Whether you are a small or well-established business owner […]
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Research Transcription and Its Importance [8 Essential Facts]

Research is mostly about exploring a topic or an idea rather than finding certain, concrete, objective answers. Research transcription is very important if you want to convey your research details to a global audience. Research transcription offers a first step in arranging your data appropriately and analyzing it. Do you want to know more about […]
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How Transcription Helps Lawyers Save Time In a Hectic Work Schedule?

In the present digital age, where sharing and consuming information has become so easy, it is important for professionals, like lawyers to find efficient ways to communicate and grab information, whenever needed. One such way is transcription of audios and video. Well-formatted transcripts of legal communication audios and videos help lawyers improve their career performance […]
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