Research Transcription and Its Importance [8 Essential Facts]

Research is mostly about exploring a topic or an idea rather than finding certain, concrete, objective answers. Research transcription is very important if you want to convey your research details to a global audience. Research transcription offers a first step in arranging your data appropriately and analyzing it. Do you want to know more about research transcription and its importance?

Combining multimedia formats with transcription is a powerful method to cover all bases for reaching many audiences. The beauty of multimedia is that it provides you chances to reach people through various senses. Video offers a more personalized visual appeal, while audio permits them to focus on other things while listening and just relaxing. Incorporate transcription and you will provide your audience the chance to read your text, which for some people is still the most preferred option to gain knowledge. Research transcripts are most convenient to share with people in comparison to audio on social media, in which many followers do not have time to listen to a complete research video.

In this article, we will know some essential things about powerful transcription and its importance.

What is Research Transcription?

Research transcription means transcribing research video or audio and converting it into text format. This type of transcription involves the transcription of focus groups, interviews, and other types of recorded interactions between professionals or between researchers and their subjects. These kinds of interactions act as reference materials for research and are mainly utilized by university-based lecturers and professors as well.

Other than interviews as well as discussions, there are many other recorded interactions that should be transcribed to help research efforts. Research transcription is also utilized by people to transcribe interview recordings to prepare an engaging speech that needs to be delivered. So, affordable transcription solutions are important for conveniently grasping the information.

Crucial Importance of Research Transcription Solutions

1. Practices Strict Confidentiality

Transcription solutions assist in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the research by securing the researcher’s data in a step-by-step method, from receipt to delivery, to make sure data security. Afterward, research transcriptions are mostly deleted and contained in a safe manner under the guidance of experienced members.

2. Saves your Time

Time is equal to money in research, and some situations can put pressure on researchers to complete a study quickly. A transcription solution remedies this by generating timely results with full accuracy that assists customers to concentrate more on the study. With a suitable language transcription solution, a researcher can be in peace leaving their recordings to well-experienced transcribers as well as editors to manage substantial data gathering.

Professional companies utilize innovative solutions where researchers don’t have to put much effort into getting an accurately transcribed version of their audio or video.

3. Maintain The Quality Of The Data

Listening to a recording and identifying data gathered from many respondents is not only a really time-consuming method but also very overwhelming because of numerous ideas. Research transcription providers assist researchers by developing a high-quality transcript of the audio from starting to end and can even involve timestamps to assist lead the researcher to the most substantial aspects for analysis. This is one of the top-most traits of efficient transcription provider.

Instead of pressing the playback button, again and again, transcription experts can assist researchers to overcome their deadlines and more specifically, develop their study with better formation and structure.

4. Provides Flexibility

The tradeoff of saving a little amount in comparison to the time-consuming method of transcribing audio may not be worth it. In conjunction with saving time, research transcription provides flexibility by delivering per-minute charges. Most transcription companies only charge as per the number of minutes of audio requires to transcribe.

Researchers can also go for timely delivery options where they can get their transcripts back whenever they require, which helps in managing their schedules.

5. Decreases The Researcher’s Workload

Gathering data as well as developing reports for research are both undeniably heavy duties. Recording including hour-long interviews with 10 respondents may hold 20 pages of the transcript on average for each, leading to 200 pages of transcript. Needless to say, this is a massive volume of workload even for research assistance or an intern, which could need time that would be better invested in way more beneficial tasks. A quality transcription solution can manage such a heavy workload on some days. Better yet, their experience in research transcription permits them to generate accurate transcripts in a shorter period of time.

Research transcriptions can also be made as per the researcher’s specific template or format where the transcriptionists can analyze as well as label speakers according to the researcher’s requirement.

Video and audio are effective ways to connect with your followers, but including text comes with its own benefits. That’s why there is a huge importance of transcription. Not only can transcripts assist your audience on different levels, they can assist you to organize the information you establish over time. Keep in mind that your audience is composed of people who use the web differently. Reaching people through as many channels as possible can only assist your cause.


Transcription is an important part of the research. Ensure you select the right transcription company according to your project. Furthermore, if you are concerned about your data then Tridindia is here to assist. We have a strict customer confidentiality policy that maintains the privacy of files and protects them from unauthorized access. All our transcribers have signed strict confidentiality agreements.

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