Errors in Consecutive Interpretation: 5 Mistakes You Should Not Make?

In this business world, there are several ways to operate more efficiently and establish solutions in new markets. When communicating with different language regions, interpretation helps as a great solution. With consecutive interpretation, it becomes highly easy to communicate with foreign clients.

Consecutive interpretation is considered a highly used solution that helps any business to expand internationally.

In this, dealing with the right interpretation solutions is highly important.

Consecutive interpretations require concentration and there is a need to follow the right techniques to deliver the right interpretation.

Any mistake in the interpretation can lead to wrong decision-making.

The aim why go for interpretation for professionals is to be assured to seek quality interpretation.

Though consecutive interpretation is simple to perform but using the right terms and understanding the context is important.

Let’s see and find out errors to prevent consecutive interpretations.

5 Mistakes You Should Not Make

In consecutive interpretation, the speaker will first deliver the speech in the source language.

After this, the speaker stops and the interpreter is asked to interpret and make it deliver into another language.

The process might seem simple but it is highly challenging.

There are several skills and techniques that need to be followed carefully.

Look for the mistake to avoid when you deliver consecutive interpretation solutions in any language:

1- Not Paying Attention To Details

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter is allowed to listen to the speaker carefully and rethink stuff to make it deliver in a new language.

In this, it is important to make notes about the important things if there is no chance of briefing beforehand.

Not paying attention can lead to the delivery of the wrong information leading to failure of the outcome.

The interpreter needs to be attention and pay attention to details even to the expressed emotions and body language.

This makes it possible to deliver the consecutive interpretation in a more comprehensive way.

2- Don’t Hurry With Time

When seeking consecutive interpretation, it is important to understand what is interpretation and how it works.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter needs to wait for the speaker to finish saying a sentence or a small paragraph before interpretation.

There is a need to take pause and give the interpreter time to translate things effectively.

In consecutive interpretation, the speeches are divided into several segments while delivering.

The interpreter typically has to be beside the speaker, listen to what is being said, and take notes before interoperating it.

3- No Primary Briefing To The Interpreter

Before the session starts, briefing the interpreter has the crucial role of consecutive interpretation.

It is very important to brief the consecutive interpreters thoroughly to have an insight about discussion.

They should have background information about the session in order to prepare themselves according to the theme of the event.

When there is no primary brief, it will take long for the interpreter to understand the context.

This may lead to the interpreter taking a long to understand the content and then deliver the interpretation.

4- Not Hiring Reputable Solutions

The most crucial aspect that may lead to mistakes in the consecutive interpretation is choosing  most-suitable language interpretation solutions.

When you need to hire interpretation solutions, it is important to do research and hire a team with professional interpreters.

For this, you can go on the internet and read the reviews from prior clients.

Evaluate how and what type of interpretation they deliver and what clients have to say about them.

In all cases, it is best to select professional interpretation solutions.

5- Lack In Accuracy

The interpretation will not serve in any case if the accuracy is not maintained.

For example, if the interpreter is performing insurance interpreting in the Russian language, the person hiring the trendy Russian interpretation solutions may not make a wise decision and this will yield bad results.

Due to misunderstanding, the terms will lead to different meanings.

When there is interpretation especially related to the field with certain terms, the use of the right terminology is highly important.

So accuracy is highly important when delivering consecutive interpretation.


Consecutive interpretation use is in high demand and it can definitely help you to deal with foreign language audiences and clients in a professional manner.

In order to seek professional interpretation, you must pick superior interpretation solutions in Delhi with highly efficient interpreters.

They must have great years of experience and have delivered interpretation in required niche before.

Using professional consecutive interprets allows you to gain better insights ensuring you get the right details. If you are looking for top-notch and cost-effective consecutive interpretation solutions, contact us at +91-8527599223 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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