What is Unique About Dutch Culture and Dutch Traditions?

The beautiful place Netherlands is a small country that is highly appreciated for its beauty and tulips. Being the largest exporter of tulips in the world, it is also a fascinating story related to its language. This unique place shares a beautiful story related to Dutch culture and traditions.

The Netherlands has around 17 million people in northwestern Europe and is neighbored by Germany to the east and Belgium to the south.

To its western and northern sides, the country borders the North Sea where the sea and water played a huge role in the Netherlands’ history and also in the evolution of the culture.

Around 23 million people in the world speak Dutch as a first language, and about 5 million people as their second language.

Business thinking to have huge global business expansion often seek entrance into the Netherlands.

For this, there is need to use the Dutch language for expansion.

About Dutch Culture And Dutch Traditions

Netherlands is highly connected to the Dutch language which is the official language only of the Netherlands.

The Dutch are known from the time when they famously traded their way around the globe while extending their empire to Asia, Africa, and the Americas in the 17th century.

Their influence in several colonies leads to the shaping of the Dutch culture that can’t be ignored.

Let’s look and know more about the Dutch language, culture, and traditions.

1- Difference between Dutch and Deutsch

The word “Dutch” comes from the word Dietsc which simply means “language of the people”.

So, in English, if you have to call the language Dutch, it’s called the Nederlands.

But if you call their neighbor’s language German, it’s called Deutsch.

2- Dutch Incorporated Foreign Words

Whenever a business think how to launch a product in a new market, translation is highly used.

The translation becomes easy in the Dutch language as several borrowed words account for 75% of the Dutch.

The majority of the Dutch words are from French.

3- Official Dutch Spelling Guide Was In 1804

Dutch language has undergone several evolutions and oral communication has seen great changes.

Earlier people speak the Dutch language but later some guides include the rules.

The first time Dutch was officially written in 1804 and after that, the guide was rewritten several times during the period 1947 and 1996.

4- Tasting Dutch’s Amazing Beer

The Netherlands is often known for its famous breweries and some of them such as Hertog Jan, Texels beer, and De Leckere that are world-famous.

Many Dutch breweries also organize tours and tastings of their beers.

If you want to open a beer business, then famous customer retention strategies include translating things into Dutch for better understanding.

Today, more people drink beer than wine and your beer business will work great in the Netherlands.

5- Dutch’s Favorite Yummy Cheese

Cheese is considered one of the most cherished Dutch food traditions that have been made since at least 800 BC.

Due to so much love for the cheese, the Dutch nickname, kaaskoppen is called “cheese heads”.

Cheese is highly eaten for breakfast or lunch and paired is eaten with mustard as an accompaniment to a drink.

6- Dutch Slang Comes from Hebrew

The Dutch language has great influence on the Hebrew language and several Hebrew words come from the Jewish population living in the Netherlands.

It can be easily found especially in the Amsterdam dialect of Dutch and this is because of the Dutch Jews that lived in Amsterdam in 1940.

When seeking Dutch translation, it is important to get with native language translators who know the language history and have a better experience.

7- Dutch National Anthem is the Oldest Anthem

Dutch national anthem was composed around 1572 and the anthem of “Wilhelmus van Nassouwe” (The William) wasn’t recognized as the official anthem until 1932.

The lyrics of the national anthem take you through the true story of William of Orange during the Dutch Revolt against the King of Spain.

However, there is still confusion about who wrote the Netherlands’ national anthem.

8- Dutch People Are Nice

According to a recent survey, the experts found the Dutch people as the friendliest in Europe.

While you’re traveling around the Netherlands, the experts have experienced that the majority of the Dutch people greet visitors well and are caring.

9- Netherlands Market Has Great Potential

It is highly said that the Netherlands ranks number 5 out of 156 on the World Happiness Report of 2020.

The market with Dutch people makes the Netherlands a good place to grow the business.

As it has been ranked very well for employment, levels of institutional trust, and much more you can gain the opportunity to grow your business.

However, to seek great results it is best to look for trustworthy translation solutions near me to ensure you can establish smooth functions in the Dutch market.

10- Celebrate King’s Day

King’s Day is one of the most important Dutch festivals that is celebrated across the country on the 27th of April every year.

It marks the birthday of King Willem-Alexander.

To celebrate this, Dutch people dress up in orange and celebrate together on the streets and canals.

There are a lot of musical performances and playing old games that are a part of Dutch tradition.

11- Join the Nijmeegse Four Day Marche

Earlier in 1909, the march was organized by army soldiers, but later this changed over the years.

Nijmeegse has become world-famous, attracting not only Dutch people from all over the world that includes the largest multiple-day marching event in the world.


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